Traveling long-haul without comfy travel pillows is never a good idea; long-term travelers know this. Choosing the right neck pillow will truly change the game for your travel experience. We have put together a list of some of the best neck pillows around so you can choose the right one for your travel style and budget.

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Soft Digital travel pillow - $16.66, Amazon

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The Soft Digital travel pillow is an option for travelers hoping to ease into the greatest sleep while in the skies. The environmentally friendly memory foam pillow comes with a luxury bag, 3D contoured eye mask, earplugs and a breathable machine washable cover. The perfect curve design is a favorite among buyers and helps falling asleep even easier.

Ostrichpillow Go - $69.99, Amazon

The Ostrichpillow Go is a fantastic option for long-haul plane and car rides. Said to have been ‘crafted with an elegant design and high -density memory foam’, this travel pillow is both ergonomically friendly and offers premium comfort and support.

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow - $35, Amazon

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Named the best travel pillow of 2022 ,this Cabeau travel pillow has gained a lot of popularity, and for good reason.  With raised side support, a seat strap system, dual-density memory foam support and an option to decompress to make this pillow lightweight, it is a perfect option for long-haul trips.

Making it an even better catch, this travel pillow has been recommended by doctors, making it a great choice to avoid neck and back pain.

Lusso Gear Twist Memory Foam Pillow - $22.99, Amazon

Here is a travel pillow for those who like to have options. The adjustable twist design on the Lusso Gear memory foam pillow means that no matter how you like to sleep while in transit, you’ll have plenty of options. Not only is this the most adaptable of travel pillows, but it also boasts ultra-breathable material.

Classic U-Shape Memory Foam Travel Pillow, $15.99 Amazon

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Perhaps you’re looking for a classic travel pillow option? Can’t go wrong with a classic U-Shape memory foam travel pillow. This go-to travel pillow is best for travelers who like to rest easy with a pillow that conforms to the shape and position of your head and neck. This one-size -fits- all is easy to travel with, simply attach it to luggage to make traveling even easier.

Bucky Utopia U-Shaped Neck Pillow - $50.27, Amazon

The Bucky Utopia U-Shaped Neck Pillow is a great choice for travelers who want support for their neck and head in a natural position. This luxury travel pillow filled with 100% buckwheat hulls is ideal for napping in the car or on the plane without worries.