Help Save America's First Black-Owned Outdoor Gear Shop
Photo Credit: Courtesy of SlimPickins Outfitters

Photo Credit: Courtesy of SlimPickins Outfitters

Help Save America's First Black-Owned Outdoor Gear Shop

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Feb 15, 2021

Slim Pickins Outfitters, the nation’s first Black-owned outdoor gear shop, may have to close its doors for good. Like many Black-owned and small businesses, the outdoor gear shop has had some financial hardships caused by the ongoing pandemic.

Located in Stephenville, Texas, Slim Pickins Outfitters was founded by Jahmicah Dawes in 2017 as a community and collegiate outfitters shop specializing in equipping people to “Adventure Out.”

“It has been a fixture within the community that brings together people from all walks of life and is the town’s ‘go-to’ supplier of outdoor and adventure-ready goods and services,” said Dawes. “They have become a vital part of the spirit and energy of their community,”

So far, Dawes has reached his initial goal of $142,000 after launching a GoFundMe, but the money raised so far will only cover the bare minimum amount of money needed to overcome the setbacks.

“Every dollar above and beyond the original goal will go directly toward restocking the shop’s inventory, continuing to support the wonderful, hardworking team of employees who keep the shop running, and expanding community programming and outreach initiatives,” said Dawes.

He added, “We always wanted to be a relevant spot for our community, reflect the local culture, and equip and inspire the creative outdoor enthusiast. We felt that people needed a place they could gather together or gear up to #AdventureOut. There wasn’t a place like that here, so we created one.”

You can support the shop by donating to its GoFundMe.

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