Inside SASAA: One Of The Few Black-Owned Restaurants In Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo Credit: SolStock / Getty Images

Photo Credit: SolStock / Getty Images

Inside SASAA: One Of The Few Black-Owned Restaurants In Copenhagen, Denmark

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jan 1, 2021

With a population of more than 775,000 people, Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital and largest city. But it’s not a place where you can easily find Black culture as less than 5 percent of the city’s population comprises of people from Non-western countries.

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However, some places are filling in the gap and making room for Black culture.

Located on Blågårdsgade, in the center of one of Copenhagen’s most vibrant streets, is the restaurant SASAA.

“Imagine a cultural dining experience like never before. An experience where your taste buds get inspired by a world far far away from Denmark,” according to the owners. “[It’s] an experience that takes you to Africa’s inspiring culture and life. A world which you get introduced to, in the heart of Copenhagen.”


SASAA describes itself as more than a restaurant filled with cuisine that you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

“It is a house of culture who gives our visitors, a cultural holistic experience of sub-Saharan Africa, where Pan-African food, art, music, and poetry, is in its center.”

There are dishes inspired from across the region, including jollof rice, peri-peri chicken, and chakalaka.

SASAA is open Monday through Sunday from 5 pm to 10 pm. You can book a reservation online and have food catered.

Learn more about SASAA by clicking here.

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