Jollof Wars: Rosario Dawson Weighs In On Which West African Country Makes The Best Jollof Rice
Photo Credit: Gabriel Olsen

Photo Credit: Gabriel Olsen

Jollof Wars: Rosario Dawson Weighs In On Which West African Country Makes The Best Jollof Rice

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Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu May 14, 2021

Jollof rice is a tasty dish that every West African country stakes its claim to. For years, there has been an ongoing feud over whose jollof rice reigns supreme. If you ask anyone from Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, or even Liberia, they will tell you that they have the most delicious jollof rice to ever grace the planet. It’s a war that may never have a true end in sight.

Actress Rosario Dawson recently found herself in the middle of the Jollof rice war while promoting The Water Man, her new film starring Lonnie Chavis and directed by co-star David Oyelowo.

In a Zoom interview, Pix11 Entertainment correspondent Ojinika Obiekwe pointed out that both she and David Oyelowo were Nigerian. And while it appears she was about to ask a question about Nigeria, Rosario sensed that the conversation may have been heading towards the inevitable — rice.

“Oh, I thought you were gonna try and talk about whose better jollof rice,” she stated.

And that’s when the competition started.

“Who are you siding with, Rosario?”

Rosario held her own, “I’m based in Ghana, so..”

If you’re wondering why Rosario Dawson would choose Ghana’s jollof rice over Nigeria’s, her Studio One Eighty Nine fashion line is manufactured and sold in Accra, Ghana. Studio 189 focuses on empowerment, creating jobs, and supporting education and skills training. Although as a Nigerian, I’m disappointed in her jollof rice choice, I love Rosario Dawson’s philanthropy and commitment to Africa, so I will give her a pass.

Catch the hilarious exchange in the video below.

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