With an ever-increasing number of digital nomads worldwide, Romania has become the most attractive country in Central and Eastern Europe to offer remote workers the chance to work in the country. 

Thanks to it’s relatively low cost of living, superfast internet speeds and impressive selection of co-working spaces, Romania is a tempting choice for digital nomads. At the end of December, the Romanian government passed legislation that will welcome digital nomads and freelancers to set up and enjoy the benefits of working in the diverse and well-connected country.

Romania joins other CEE countries like Croatia, the Czech Republic and Estonia who offer similar digital nomad visas which allow remote workers to reside in the country for up to 12 months, usually given they do not provide services to firms in their host countries. 

When initially proposed in May 2021, there was much anticipation in the digital nomad travel community, who value the thought of working in an affordable, fairy tale European country. Since recent confirmation of the successful legislation, travelers eagerly await the final process of it becoming an official law so that they can enjoy working by day and exploring the country’s colorful villages, unspoiled nature and vibrant cities by night. 

The country has been referred to as an ideal melting pot for freelancers and remote workers hoping to enjoy the wide variety that the country has to offer. Travelers looking to enjoy the seaside, the mountains, the big city or the remote villages have their choice in Romania. With a promising chance of becoming an epicenter of creative productivity for nomadic online workers, the country prepares for an influx of digital nomads in 2022 and beyond.  

“We want international citizens to live in and enjoy our beautiful country, where innovation intersects with traditions and nature” says Diana Buzoianu, a Romanian MP for the USR-Plus party and the initiator of the digital nomad visa program. Buzoianu also shared that the public administration will provide digital solutions to protect the rights of everyone working in the territory, including Romanians working abroad.