Rihanna’s recent interview with her longtime stylist, Mel Ottenberg, highlights her playfulness and personal taste. The interview’s recent release has sparked conversation amongst travelers. Whether travelers prefer the discourse on Rihanna’s favorite places in the world, striking editorial photos for the spring 2024 issue of Interview Magazine, or her favorite LA restaurant, the artist and mogul has surely influenced the world. 

During the interview, Rihanna made waves, divulging that her favorite spot is II Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi, better known as Giorgio Baldi. The restaurant has been popular for serving the local community fresh Italian cuisine for 30 years. There are plenty of photos of Rihanna exiting the restaurant, which has become a mystery, of sorts, to fans.

This list of top favorite LA restaurants includes more details on Rihanna’s order at Giorgio Baldi and some of the top-rated restaurants for travelers visiting Los Angeles. 

5 Favorite LA Restaurants Actually Worth Trying

Check out some favorite LA restaurants, including Rihanna's favorite. pictured: a market with different restaurants in LA
photo credit: Jermaine Ee

LA is a big place, so the food options in the city are extensive. There is also a healthy diversity in the types of food available to travelers throughout the city. But these are the favorite restaurants of locals and tourists alike. Travelers visiting LA should be sure to visit these spots for a bite of the most popular Cali food. 

Giorgio Baldi

The Giorgio Baldi restaurant offers elevated and authentic Italian cuisine. Some favorites on the menu include asparagus pasta, pumpkin ravioli, and the gorgonzola gnocchi. Travelers interested in visiting the restaurant may even want to take a food recommendation for the best selections. Luckily, after years of interest from fans and LA locals, Rihanna finally revealed her food order.

She recalls, “I get the same thing every time. First, I start with the calamari, langoustines, and shrimp. All fried, not very healthy. Next, I do the signature spaghetti, which is the tomato basil. And then I do a dish that I kind of made up, which is milk and cheese ravioli with a Bolognese meat sauce. I call it half-and-half.” 


This two-star Michelin restaurant may put a dent in a traveler’s budget but the delectable offers are well worth it. Chef Michael Cimarusti puts an elevated twist on flavors deriving from the Mediterranean and Asia. The restaurant serves fresh and wild-caught seafood. On top of the exciting flavors available to guests, the restaurant also presents dishes in modern yet exciting ways. Some of the most popular things at Providence include canapés, salt-roasted prawns, and caviar. 

Brent’s Deli Northridge

This spot serves American deli-style food and is a community favorite. The restaurant dates back to 1967, so it has been around for quite a while. It is a popular casual dining restaurant for locals that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Travelers who visit Brent’s can get hefty sandwiches in a welcoming atmosphere. However, many regulars love the convenience of this restaurant since ordering online is popular. Pastrami sandwiches, omelets, and Reubens are the top choices at this restaurant. 


N/naka is one of the top-rated restaurants in the area, so it is no surprise it has become a staple. The LA favorite is a two-star Michelin Japanese restaurant that has amazed its visitors. Chef Niki Nakayama’s interpretation of Japanese culinary tradition is a refreshing experience. The restaurant is commonly called unconventional but it definitely will entice foodies with its unique offerings. The restaurant’s sake selection, otsukuri, and Mizumono are some of the most popular things to try. There are even course meals (one even has 13 courses) that provide a tailored flavor journey. 


Langer’s is an American diner that has a Michelin distinction. The restaurant offers dine-in, to-go, and curb service to its customers. It even has a world-famous sandwich, which is the #19 pastrami sandwich. The pastrami is shaved by hand and served on double-baked rye bread so care is put into every tasty bite. Locals love sitting down in Langer’s classic brown booths for their taste of some of the best brisket around.