Ride The Wave: Black People Are Connecting To The Ocean One Surfboard At A Time
Photo Credit: Daniel Torobekov

Photo Credit: Daniel Torobekov

Ride The Wave: Black People Are Connecting To The Ocean One Surfboard At A Time

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Joshua Rodgers
Joshua Rodgers Aug 21, 2023

Going to the beach has taken on new meanings over the years. Gone are the days of sunbathing and casually swimming. Now, people are creating entire vibes in the sand with bonfires, tequila shots, and full-on parties that take being outside to the next level.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the various activities famous for the beach, like volleyball and surfing. And if we’re keeping it a buck, surfing has not always been associated with Black people. But the lie detector test determined that was not true.

According to Wade in the Water Project, Black people have a long history with the ocean that dates back nearly 1,000 years. Today, Black surfers are boldly reconnecting to those roots and reimagining a new legacy with the water sport.

Walmart’s Black and Unlimited collection supports this effort through various products and brands that equip people for outside activities. 

Although many groups are championing Black people surfing, let’s look into these three organizations that are making waves.

Black Surfer Santa Cruz

Based in Santa Cruz, the organization has a mission to break down barriers that have systemically kept oceans segregated. With a strategic focus on spiritual and physical wellness, Black Surf Santa Cruz creates intentional opportunities for BIPOC community members to find safe space among each other and reclaim their space in the ocean.

Color The Water

Want to learn how to surf? Color The Water is the organization for you. Through joyful expression, the surfing school offers educational resources for Black people who want to learn and engage in the sport. After the death of George Floyd, Color The Water began specializing in anti-racist movements that focused on joy rather than hate.

Black Surfers Collective

Black Surfers Collective aims to raise cultural awareness that supports diversity in surfing through family-friendly activities, outreach opportunities, and cheerful camaraderie. Through several events, the collective educates on the history of surfing and connects Black families back to the water through the sport of surfing.

Summertime is not over, so there is plenty of time to grab your surfboard and move. Check out these dope groups to tap into a community of like-minded surfers to enjoy or learn more about the sport. Also, slide on down to Walmart and pick up items like Black Girl Sunscreen to make that beach visit and surfing experience a good time for a long time. 

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