With his stunning private jet bearing his name and logo, Rick Ross, known for his affinity for luxury, has taken his lavishness to new heights. The rapper, who regularly posts pictures of his expensive car collection to social media, has now done the same with his brand-new jet. Ross’s luxuriously outfitted airplane, which can carry up to 18 passengers, sets a new standard for extravagant air travel.

In a series of posts, Ross flaunted his black-and-gold private jet, appropriately named Maybach Airlines. His brand and name are splashed across the plane’s aerodynamic skin. Ross thanked Duncan Aviation for the gift and shared the news of his extravagant new luxury acquisition with his fans. Fellow celebrities reacted to his post, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who praised the rapper for his extravagant taste.

Ross captured the extravagant interior decor, providing a glimpse into the lavish features that adorn his airborne paradise. The rapper’s penchant for the extravagant is in every facet of his aerial pad. From the automatic folding table to the motorized blinds, every detail is dripping in luxury. Those lucky enough to step on board will be immersed in a setting that exudes his larger-than-life persona.

CO2 Emissions

Environmental activists have targeted private jets for their significant carbon footprint. Experts estimate that an hour of flight time aboard a private jet introduces about two tonnes (also known as metric tons) of carbon dioxide into the air. In 2022, the marketing and data analysis company Yard used data from CelebJets to rank the most polluting planes that are owned by celebrities.

Taylor Swift’s private jet is the top CO2-emitting plane, according to CelebJets and Yard. The study reported a “total of 170 flights on her private jet since January.” In total, Taylor has amassed a vast 22,923 minutes in the air, or 15.9 days. Their private jets serve as a symbol of opulence, providing a glimpse into the lifestyle enjoyed by those at the pinnacle of success.