Rick Ross headlines America’s first Red Bull Symphonic alongside an all-Black cast of exceptional musicians.

(Black) String representation

The fans and Atlanta’s elite socialites were dressed to the nines inside Atlanta Symphony Hall. The energy was electric. We all knew we were about to witness another milestone in Hip Hop and Trap music. Yes, it’s been done before with Jay-Z, but it’s never been done with Rick Ross and an all-Black ensemble of music prodigies for the city of Atlanta. 

Red Bull's First Symphonic In The United States

Photo Credit: Ian Whitlen / Red Bull

Since Red Bull had announced their Red Bull Symphonic brand would be headlined by Rick Ross, fans all over the South couldn’t wait to see what the “Self Made” boss had in store. As always, the amazing fall weather in Atlanta set the mood for what could be one of Rick Ross’s most exceptional performances of his career.

Orchestra Noir - All Black Orchestra

Photo Credit: Ian Whitlen / Red Bull

However, we can’t take away the superior talents of Orchestra Noir led by Maestro Jason Ikeem Rodgers. If this were a heavyweight match of the ages, this was prime Tyson vs prime Mayweather. Rick Ross’s brash witty bravado delivery on a bed of wind and acoustic instruments by Orchestra Noir, activated the third dimension to the boss’s music catalog.

Orchestra Noir opens the show with a medley of original contemporary compositions. Maestro Jason set the tone with his dedication to the craft. Every instrument in the orchestra delivered in unison and followed every prompt of his baton. Another standout was the young female violinist Mapy. I remembered seeing Mapy in New York years ago and since then her craft has evolved as well as her persona and stage presence. She commanded attention with every rendition she played. As well as ended her set with a standing ovation from the Atlanta attendees. 

Rick Ross Over Delivers

Photo Credit: Ian Whitlen / Red Bull

And suddenly the auditorium gets a little darker, and the spotlights get a little brighter. Orchestra Noir begins to go heavy on the organs. Everyone knows what’s about to happen. The SAINTED Trap Choir begins to hum the hook to one of Rick Ross’s classic B-side songs “Tears Of Joy.” The crowd roars at the sight of Ricky Rozay. He grabs the mic and begins to deliver one of his career’s most magical hip-hop performances.