REVUELTA Queer House: Fostering Connection and Belonging in Mexico City
Photo Credit: FG Trade

Photo Credit: FG Trade

REVUELTA Queer House: Fostering Connection and Belonging in Mexico City

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Dominique Jackson
Dominique Jackson Sep 21, 2023

Nestled amidst the vibrant tapestry of Mexico City is REVUELTA Queer House, a space of empowerment for the LGBTQ+ community. Mexican visionaries Dimitri Voulgaris and Fernando Signoret founded REVUELTA Queer House. At the forefront of REVUELTA Queer House is Kile J Atwater. They are a passionate advocate for acceptance and diversity. 

Having spent a year in Mexico City after traveling between New York, Houston, and Mexico for artistic and personal pursuits, Kile J settled in Mexico City. Their journey underscores the intersection of privilege and responsibility. While acknowledging their privilege, Kile J is steadfast in their commitment to championing justice and equity, a mission transcending borders. 

Travel Noire sat down with Kile J to discuss their role as Manager of Cultural Programming at REVUELTA Queer House.

REVUELTA Queer House
Photographer: Lexi Webster

TN: How did you first learn about REVUELTA? 

Kile J: The name was introduced to me during the opening reception of the space. REVUELTA translates to revolt. Queer people worldwide have rebelled against hetero-patriarchy, white supremacy, and racism long before it was a trend. REVUELTA Queer House is a physical reminder that we belong and are not going anywhere.

TN: What inspired you to join REVUELTA? 

Kile J: I was in a coffee shop discussing with close friends how I wished there was a space for queer people in the city. I desired a physical space where there wasn’t such an atmosphere around partying or cruising — an alternative where the queer community could converse honestly.

In New York, I was the Head of Brand Partnerships for Ethel’s Club, a community space built around the wellness of Black, Brown, AAPI and queer communities. I had missed the feeling of organizing safe spaces and programs where diverse people could meet each other through cultural experiences. 

TN: How do you plan to foster community and inclusivity through your curated events? 

Kile J: I am consulting with community leaders, artists, activists and curators in Mexico City. I aim to ensure my events are intentional and encapsulate the queer experience thoughtfully and equitably. I want to encourage cultural exchanges. For example, curating programs that celebrate the Black and Afro-queer communities and the Asian queer communities to promote global solidarity within the context of queerness and the experiences of historically marginalized people.

TN: What events have you curated so far? What events are in the pipeline? 

Kile J: My mission for the space has been to create cultural events that people may have yet to see. For example, we curated an event to serve as a social night for the lesbian community.

Thai queer culture is often not celebrated in Mexico City. We created a Thai Brunch event in collaboration with a Queer Thai, Che Eric Phanngavong.

I am also organizing with the Afro-Mexican Community to give opportunities to center the space around themes of anti-racism and inclusivity. [It] is a meaningful conversation that needs to be had in Mexico City.

I am organizing with many queer Mexican artists to make sure they always feel seen and represented in the space. The Mexican LGBTQ+ community is the foundation of this space and highly deserving of recognition and celebration in this community. 

TN: What can people expect when they visit REVUELTA?

Kile J: When people come to REVUELTA, they should expect to see members of the queer community in various expressions of gender and identity feeling comfortable in their skin, lounging in a peaceful environment. Suppose they are not a part of the queer community. In that case, they should be allies to the space and completely open to exploring and supporting an environment that celebrates queerness in Mexico City upon entering. 

TN: Anything else you would like to share? 

Kile J: I am humbled to have this opportunity in Mexico City. I do not take it for granted. Because of what I experienced as a Black queer person, I feel honored to create spaces globally where queer folks can feel safe and seen. 

This article has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

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