Rent This "Friends"-Inspired Airbnb In Canada
Photo Credit: Photo by Warner Bros. Television

Photo Credit: Photo by Warner Bros. Television

Rent This "Friends"-Inspired Airbnb In Canada

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Sep 1, 2022

If you’re looking for a Friends-inspired Airbnb this Summer then you’re in luck. There is a freshly listed Friends-themed Airbnb in downtown Victoria, BC, Canada.

The 400-square-foot condo is located on a busy street in a heritage building. Within the apartment decorated completely in purple, there are several references to the show.

The Airbnb sleeps 4 with a separate bedroom and a sofa bed in the main purple space. A TikTok video teased many for a while before the official launch on Airbnb. Fans of the show have already expressed excitement about staying in the Airbnb rental.

And to keep you entertained, guests have access to Friends-related games such a Ms. Pac-Man, and a Crave subscription so you can binge the show.

The attractions:

In the same building, the owner has a Harry Potter-themed apartment. The Gryfinndor room is a popular choice from the owner’s listings.

The Friends-themed apartment is packed with furniture and decor from the show. The apartment also comes with a large patio/rooftop to enjoy with friends too.

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