As Black Americans continue to grow weary of life in the United States, many are seeking out new homes abroad as expats. There is always discussion amongst the community about which locales around the world Black expats can feel comfortable and thrive in. One increasingly popular destination that continually comes up in the conversation is Nairobi, Kenya. Here are four reasons Black Americans should move to the East African metropolis of Nairobi. 

Being Surrounded by Other Black People

One of the biggest draws of relocating to an African city is the ability to leave behind the systemic racism so heavily ingrained in U.S. society. In Nairobi, the majority of the people you encounter will look like you, and people are generally quite friendly there. From the Kenyan natives to other Black expats from around the world, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful brown skin. Nairobi already has an established African American expat community. This means that Black Americans can find a supportive community that shares their values and experiences.

Having a Lower Cost of Living

Another thing Black expats in Nairobi have enjoyed is the affordability of the city. With a lower cost of living than in the U.S., residents can find everything from housing to groceries available at better prices. Your money can stretch further, allowing you to live a comfortable lifestyle on a modest budget.

Access to Economic Opportunities

Despite slowing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenya’s economy is continuously growing. As the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi is at the center of the action. Black expats will find a wide range of job opportunities in fields like technology, finance and healthcare. Those who would like to start their own business will also find Nairobi to be a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs.

Enjoying Nice Weather

Nairobi’s sub-tropical highland climate is another huge draw. Though situated near the equator, the city sits at an elevation of over 5,000 feet. Thus, it experiences mild, comfortable temperatures throughout the year. In addition, Nairobi is also known for its beautiful scenery and wildlife, which further add to its appeal for expats.