Inside ‘The Real Homes Of Africa’ Series Showcasing The Glam Lifestyle Of West Africa
Photo Credit: Igor Alecsander | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Igor Alecsander | Getty Images

Inside ‘The Real Homes Of Africa’ Series Showcasing The Glam Lifestyle Of West Africa

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 10, 2020

There’s a new web docuseries that aims to show people the glamorous side of West Africa.

Entrepreneur Aliyah Mahdi is the host of “The Real Homes of Africa” where, instead of showcasing what people may be used to seeing on television, she will guide viewers through some of the most stunning homes in Senegal.

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Mahdi is the co-founder of Made In Africa, an organization that helps to build local businesses and improve local and international commercial trade between the diaspora. Partnering with her husband, she founded the organization in 2014 after repatriating from the United States to Senegal.

Five years later, the project has turned into a resource for those who are interested in investment opportunities or relocating to Africa and this latest project adds to her goal of debunking the myths of life in Africa as she explains in the interview with Travel Noire below:

Travel Noire: What Inspired you to launch this series?

MAHDI: The Real Homes of Africa was inspired by the lack of positive media of Africa on the television. Back in 2013, before our arrival in Senegal, there was very limited information about what the city looked like or even the homes. The only home photos we could find were photos of huts and clay houses. 

When we arrived in 2014, I was intrigued by the beautiful architecture and design of the homes. I was also surprised at how large the homes were. It was something that we never saw before in the States, and I decided that this was something that needed to be exposed. 

Travel Noire: What is a misconception about living in Senegal and/or on the continent? 

MAHDI: Social media has definitely opened up the realms for people to see the beautiful side of Africa. For those who haven’t been exposed online, they can’t imagine Africa’s beauty, because they haven’t seen what’s here, only what has been shown in the media. Poverty, disease, famine, wild animals, huts, etc. Africa has been labeled as a charity case, and that is simply not the case. 

We are changing mindsets and rewriting narratives, by just sharing information. We have an abundance of resources and opportunities available, but we have to open our eyes to see it. We have to unlearn and relearn everything that has been taught to us, so we can truly appreciate what is being offered to us. 

Travel Noire: What do you hope to show viewers?

MAHDI: The series falls directly in alignment with our goal to build Alkebulan, a city for repatriates to return to here in Senegal. We will display homes available for purchase from local developers and private owners. It will show local interior design, and viewers can get a feel for how they can furnish their homes.

We have many clients who decide to move to Africa, but they want to bring their entire house from America with them. This method and thought process can become very costly and timeconsuming. Everything you need to design your home is here, and if it isn’t it can be created.

Viewers will also have a reliable source for pricing different style homes for personal or investment purposes.

People will see Africa at its best, and the show will make an eternal impact on the way living on the continent is viewed.

Travel Noire: How often will episodes come out?

MAHDI: We are launching a six-month pilot of the show, which will release one show monthly, after our Africa Day celebration in May. So, you can look forward to the first episode in June. As we start to attract more partners and for the show, we will cover more territory and release episodes more frequently.

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