Have you ever wondered how to secure a booking for luxury suites that are not advertised on a hotel’s website? Did you know they exist? Well, there is an entire world of luxury living that isn’t available to access online. It seems nearly impossible to understand unless you’re in those circles and know through word of mouth.

The Definition of Quiet Luxury 

Recently, quiet luxury emerged as a trend. It’s a luxury that is not loud, but discreet in its elegance. Quiet luxury, when traveling, does not look like flashy displays of wealth. Specifically, travelers seek experiences shrouded in secrecy, sophistication and personalized service. These luxurious experiences put an emphasis on exclusivity and intimacy. Such exclusivity is common among high-end hotels who deliberately keep their most lavish accommodations off the grid. 

Privacy is paramount, whether the hotel is shielding their assets or securing their guests’ identities. Sometimes, these opulent spaces are known as “owner’s suites” or “partnership rooms,” accessible only through exclusive memberships or special requests vetted by hotel management.

Exclusive Quiet Luxury Suites 

It’s important to realize that hotels want to avoid risk. These luxury suites remain private to mitigate the risk of last-minute cancellations, broken objects and ensure the thorough vetting of potential guests. Bjorn Hanson, a New York University hospitality professor, said “Rooms that have something fragile about them—the art, a Steinway grand piano—where there’s too much risk of wear and tear will be held back,” he says. “They won’t be available to the public but assigned to VIPs,”he stated in an interview with Bloomberg.

The Blue Lagoon Suite at The Retreat at Blue Lagoon 

Photo Credit: The Retreat Hotel

The Blue Lagoon suite at The Retreat at Blue Lagoon is a luxe haven tucked just beyond Reykjavik, Iceland. According to Bloomberg, this suite is 1 out of 62 suites, and takes up two levels and 2,100 square feet. Allegedly, within this luxurious retreat is a private balcony offering stunning views of the surrounding lava landscape. It also includes a kitchen and dining area for guest convenience and a spacious king-size bedroom with a walk-in closet. Yet, the true highlight of the suite comes in the form of a private spa, complete with a steam bath, sauna, fireplace, and an exclusive bathing area nestled within the lagoon, providing a serene escape from the outside world. And the cherry on top is an exclusive after-hours private access to the natural Lagoon site, which is usually overflown with visitors.

The luxurious Blue Lagoon suite comes with a hefty price tag of $10,500 per night. It also requires a minimum stay of two nights, and remains absent from the hotel’s website. There are no photos, videos or details on its booking. It’s a well kept secret and strictly invitation only.

Quiet luxury suites that can’t be booked online are not exclusive to The Retreat at the Blue Lagoon. They also exist in renowned hotels worldwide. Rumors suggest establishments like The Ivy Hotel in Baltimore, The Four Seasons Hotel, and the St. Regis hotels in NYC provide these hidden gems. However, it’s suggested that some of these once-exclusive suites may now be making appearances to the mainstream with the rise of social media. So, next time you’re browsing a hotel’s website remember there is more than meets the eye.