Passenger Shot Aboard Myanmar Flight By Bullet Fired From Ground 
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Passenger Shot Aboard Myanmar Flight By Bullet Fired From Ground 

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Oct 3, 2022

A passenger aboard a Myanmar National Airlines flight was struck by a bullet fired from the ground. According to Mirror, the plane was flying at 3,500 feet at the time. It was about to land in Loikaw, Myanmar, when a bullet pierced through the fuselage, injuring the man.

What we know:

The passenger, who was traveling by himself, can be seen in photos that surfaced online, slumping over in his seat and holding a tissue to his neck and cheek. More bloody tissues can be seen next to him.

Upon landing, he was rushed to the hospital. All flights to the city have been canceled until further notice and the government has increased security around the airport.

Rebel activity:

The Myanmar government says rebel forces, namely the Karenni National Progressive Party and its allies in the People’s Defense Force, are to blame for the shooting. However, these groups have denied having any involvement in the incident.

“I want to say that this kind of attack on the passenger plane is a war crime,” said Major General Zaw Min Tun, a spokesperson for Myanmar’s ruling military council. “People and organizations who want peace need to condemn this issue all around.”

A statement from Karenni National Progressive Party:

Khu Daniel, who is a leader of the Karenni National Progressive Party, says his party has not instructed its fighters to shoot at passenger planes or civilians.

“The military always blames other organizations for the shootings,” said Daniel. “Our armed wing didn’t shoot the plane this morning.”

A spokesperson for another rebel group known as Karenni Nationalities Defense Force said the allegations are “defamatory propaganda against the revolutionary forces by the Military Council.”

Precautions on the runway:

He also said that the runway and airfield are surrounded by infantry battalions and high-security areas, which would make it making it very hard to carry out that type of attack.

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