Although she booked a first class seat on a Delta Air Lines flight, a woman with Parkinson’s disease was told she would have to sit in economy to accommodate a pilot. Her daughter JoJo (@clumsyophelia on TikTok) made several videos about the incident.

Following the incident, a representative from Delta Air Lines issued an apology.

“Delta people understand that all of our customers have important reasons for traveling, and we strive to make things right when we come up short,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

The Trip Marked A Wedding Anniversary

JoJo explained on social media that her mother has Parkinson’s disease and her father recently had heart surgery. She said that a first class seat would have alleviated the discomfort her mother experiences in confined spaces.

Upon boarding the plane, the woman was told that she would no longer be allowed to sit in first class. Despite efforts by JoJo and her sister to explain their mother’s illness, the airline staff was unmoved. In the end, the mother was put in a comfort plus seat.

The Incident Sparked Outrage

This caused stress and anger for the entire family. The woman with Parkinson’s didn’t sleep during the entire flight. She was in pain when the plane landed, according to her daughter.

Then, JoJo discovered that her bag hadn’t been loaded onto the plane. When she reported this to the airline, they refused to compensate the lost clothes and toiletries. They also declined to refund what she’d paid to board the bag.

Delta Air Lines Responded

In a statement to Newsweek, a Delta representative said that the airline made contact with these customers in early June. They reached out to apologize, make amends, get baggage expedited to them and ensure that their return travel went smoothly.

The airline cited “extenuating circumstances” as the cause for an issue with the flight to Italy.

JoJo received information about repayment for the stuff she had to buy when her luggage was lost. She is satisfied now with the apology, their explanation and how they handled everything.