Pack This Black-Owned Sanitary Napkin For Your Next Trip
Photo Credit: Reign Sanitary Napkins

Photo Credit: Reign Sanitary Napkins

Pack This Black-Owned Sanitary Napkin For Your Next Trip

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Jan 25, 2023

Traveling while on your period can be a pain for some travelers. Leakage, menstrual cramps, and PMS can ruin the best vacations. When travel is approaching, your period is the last visitor you want. 

Menstrual technology has improved tremendously over the years and a Black-owned company is revolutionizing the sanitary napkin industry. Created by Qiana Crump and her husband, Donald, Reign Sanitary Napkins are bringing groundbreaking innovations to the forefront. The brand is changing the monthly experience of women worldwide. 

A must-have for your carry-on the next time you’re traveling on your period, Reign Sanitary Napkins are redefining period health. Its goal is to educate the community on menstrual health that heals while leading the way in advancements that make women feel healthy and whole.

Designed & Inspired By Women

black-owned sanitary napkins
Photo Courtesy of Qiana Crump.

The entire Crump family is involved in the success of Reign Sanitary Napkins. The company is dedicated to creating a more enjoyable experience for women when they have their cycle. Although Qiana Crump knew periods weren’t anyone’s favorite subject, she knew menstrual healthy was something that needed to be discussed. 

“I understand it’s a taboo subject and we understood the risks in that,” Crump said. “We do understand that females deserve to have a healthier product when it comes to sanitary napkins.”

In fact, Crump’s realization came as a result of her own health scare. As a young girl and adult, she suffered in silence with painful, heavy periods. Every month was a nightmare as she prepared for the agony that accompanied her cycle. 

“I bled through clothes, jeans, sheets you name it,” she said. 

A church member recommended Crump visit an OBGYN who listened to her problems and suggested a variety of remedies including birth control and a partial hysterectomy to combat the issues. Eventually Crump decided to have a part of her uterus removed. However, her doctor said she was convinced many women encountered reproductive health issues due to the products they used. 

Crump and her husband created Reign in 2019 hoping to prevent other women from experiencing what Qiana went through. The brand is dedicated to educating the Black community on better methods for managing menstruation that aren’t harmful to the body. 

“In life, I believe there comes a time when you have to unlearn some things,” she said. “Most women and mothers, they share with their daughters what was shared with them.”

Instead of doing what’s always been done, Crump believes it’s time for a change in how Black women care for their reproductive health.

Safe & Secure Technology

black-owned sanitary napkins
Photo Courtesy of Qiana Crump.

Menstrual wellness and reproductive health care are traditions that are passed down through generations of women. Crump says the use of unhealthy products was also passed down over time leading to years of health issues in women and young girls. 

“There are products on the market that are a chemical soup for women that contain toxins and bleach and dyes and all of that,” she said. 

Reign is changing the game by introducing Graphene into the sanitary napkin industry. Although Graphene has been around for years, this is the first time the material has been introduced into the reproductive health space. The material is 99.9 percent proven to kill bacteria, making it a serious threat to bacteria that develops when a woman is on her period. Killing the bacteria also reduces smells that could emerge during menstruation. 

“Bacteria leads to other damaging, long-term effects,” she said. “So we decided to attack the root of what most women deal with each month.”

Crump said Reign pads are also soft, super thin, and incredibly absorbent. The brand’s new, cutting-edge absorbency system is designed specifically for women who struggle with fibroids. 

“A pad is just a pad but with our product, it’s something different,” she said. “It shows you that a pad is not just a pad. We have a tried and tested mega absorbency system.”

Reign is also rolling out other health and wellness products including vitamin sprays and wipes.

Traveling While On Your Period

black-owned sanitary napkins
Photo Courtesy of Qiana Crump.

Traveling while on your period can be annoying but Crump says it doesn’t have to always be unbearable. Stress naturally builds up in the body while traveling. There’s a lot happening when preparing for a trip. From making sure nothing is forgotten while packing to making sure you don’t miss your flight, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when heading out of town. 

Being on your period can heighten travel stress even more, so Crump suggests getting rest and staying away from heavy amounts of sugar and caffeine. She also recommends increasing your water intake and to pack your Reign pads in your carry-on for easy access. 

Most important, Crump says it’s important for female travelers to stay on top of their health while exploring the world. Regular doctor appointments can help prevent or catch illnesses before things get too bad. It’s important to keep your body strong and healthy before hopping on a plane to the next destination. 

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