Why Owning A Timeshare Is Beneficial During Inflation
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Why Owning A Timeshare Is Beneficial During Inflation

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jun 30, 2022

If you’re looking for a vacation alternative that won’t break the bank, consider a timeshare. The demand for travel is high and so are the prices of hotels and airfare.

American Resort Development Association (ARDA) says Timeshares are great for travelers who want to combat high prices while having more flexibility in booking than hotels.

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So what is a Timeshare?

Also referred to as vacation ownership, a Timeshare is a property where you can share the cost with others. You’ll be guaranteed time at the Timeshare, oftentimes staying on the property for one week at a time.

Hotel rates usually rise significantly over time, but purchasing a timeshare can protect owners from rising rental rates due to inflation.

How Timeshares can save you money

Jason Gamel, President and CEO of ARDA says, “Now with inflation at historic heights, and family budgets being stretched thin, they [time share owners] can travel with confidence knowing the cost of their timeshare won’t unexpectedly rise.”

-The average daily rate (ADR) of hotels fluctuates according to demand. The purchase price of a two-bedroom Timeshare has remained pretty consistent for the past 10 years.

-Larger families won’t have to book multiple hotel rooms. Timeshares are homes that can fit bigger families and their needs.

-Maintenance costs on Timeshares stay consistent where you’ll have to pay “resort fees” at most hotels and vacation rental properties.

Timeshares are accessible

-There are over 1,500 Timeshares in the U.S. and almost 204,000 units for travelers.

-According to ARDA and its non-profit research arm ARDA International Foundation (AIF), Timeshare owners took an average of 2.3 vacations during the first three quarters of 2021. 1.5 vacations were taken by active Americans. 

-Travelers can choose Timeshares based on their budget and type of vacation.

-Timeshares use a point system for travelers. All you have to do is book vacations with points in multiple locations. 

“We appreciate and understand the pressures that today’s traveler is under, but whether we are going through good economic times or difficult ones, timeshare ownership has a number of benefits that have placed timeshare owners in a great position to make incredible vacation memories and experience all that ownership has to offer,” says Gamel.

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