Oh No! Woman Gets Stuck On Waterslide While On Norwegian Cruise Line Ship
Photo Credit: kali9

Photo Credit: kali9

Oh No! Woman Gets Stuck On Waterslide While On Norwegian Cruise Line Ship

Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Mar 9, 2022

If you’re claustrophobic, the idea of getting stuck in an enclosed waterslide is unsettling to say the least. If you couple that with a fear of heights and water, that’s nightmare fuel on steroids. An unnamed woman on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship found herself in exactly that predicament while riding the Ocean Loops slide, a giant, closed-tube apparatus suspended above the sea with drops and twists recalling a roller coaster.

The ride went fine when the woman entered the waterslide at the top deck, but when she reached the final turn, complications ensued.

A video was posted to TikTok by YMG Travels with the caption “When The Looping Slide Fails!” It has racked up more than 15 million views.

The slide had a few transparent sections, allowing spectators to clearly see the woman go up through a corkscrew turn and then slide backwards. Surprised, she sat up, briefly covered her face and looked around before scooting out of view. Fittingly, the song “Oh No,” by Kreepa plays, which TikTokers often add to videos when something goes wrong.

The culprit was likely physics. According to The New York Post, “the slider doesn’t seem to gain enough momentum to go through the corkscrew and plunges backward, whereupon she gets trapped in a transparent section of the attraction, suspended terrifyingly over the sea.”

Fortunately, the woman didn’t stay stuck for long and was able to exit via an emergency side door.

YMG Travels remarked that not only was the woman seemingly unbothered while exiting, she was gearing up for a second go on the slide. But TikTok and Instagram users had a very different takeaway.

“Yo, that is super scary- I’m claustrophobic, so that does not help!” said one user. A second declared, “I’m having trouble breathing just watching this.”

Instagram users, who saw the video on The Jasmine Brand page, added a dash of humor to their responses.

Miranda_thegreatest wrote: “LAWSUIT FOR EMOTIONAL DISTRESS! I woulda been like ‘my neck, my back, my neck and my back!’

Darius_boone wrote: “And you don’t have your phone to kill time while you wait to get saved! I would have lost itttt! Weak a*s dry a*s slide!”

“I woulda met Jesus Devante Christ that day,” declared Yosoyfoxxybrown16.

MissTerray804 was succinct: “Hellllllllllllllllllltuuuuuudaaaaanaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.”

You can watch the encounter below:

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