Adults-Only Nudist Waterpark Set To Open In Canada
Photo Credit: Unsplash| mbandoch

Photo Credit: Unsplash| mbandoch

Adults-Only Nudist Waterpark Set To Open In Canada

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Nov 6, 2018

Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada is a family-friendly attraction that draws millions of tourists each year for its incredible views of the mountains and lake.


In the next few years, however, there’s going to be a plot twist. Splasher’s Pleasure Park will soon be the first adult friendly waterpark near Lake Louise.


According to the CBC, the waterpark will be for adults only, and clothing will be optional.


In an interview with the CBC, the park owner said the new destination is going to be a traditional waterpark that stretches over 27 acres and will be the first of its kind in Canada.


“Adults can finally have a water park to claim as their own without worrying who [urinated] in the slide,” he said.


The park, which has been in planning for approximately five years, was inspired by research from naturalists, according to the owner.


Children will not be permitted in the park, but the owner warned that those who are underage will be able to have a full view of the sliders from the Fairmont Hotel.


“Be full warned to parents that if you’re staying at the chateau and you don’t want kids to see the water park, maybe just get a room that faces the mountain and not the lake will be one way around that,” the owner stated.


So far, no date has been set on when construction for the park will begin.


Splasher’s Pleasure Park joins other industries that are aiming to cater to “adults-only” vacation and experience packages.


Recently, Viking Cruise Lines banned patrons under the age of 18. U by Uniworld, a river cruise line marketed toward millennials, only allowed passengers 18 to 45 on its cruise but has since dropped its “maximum age” policy. P&O Cruises’ Aurora, owned by Carnival, will roll out its new adults-only cruise line beginning in March of 2019.

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