Cruises are widely known to be family-friendly. If you’re looking to cruise with kids, you can longer book with Viking Cruise Lines. The Switzerland-based company recently announced that they are no longer accepting patrons under 18 years of age.


In the company’s terms and conditions section on its website, Viking Cruise Lines stated: “Due to the nature of our cruise and travel itineraries, the Carrier does not maintain facilities or services on our Ships for individuals under the age of 18 years.”


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The new policy is effective for all cruise tours booked after Aug. 1, 2018, regardless of departure year. If you booked travel prior to Aug. 1, passengers underage will be permitted to travel through 2019 since the cruises were booked prior to the cutoff date.


When the company launched in 2015, passengers at least 12 years of age, were permitted on Viking Cruise Lines. In an interview to Travel Weekly reporters, the company’s vice president of marketing Richard Marnell said that guests on the ships who are typically 50 and older appreciated a child-free environment.


The company said they offered experiences designed for older travelers with interests in history, art, culture and exploration.


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Viking Cruise Lines is not the only company with an adults-only policy. Other cruises lines have restricted the age for travelers as well. U by Uniworld, a river cruise line marketed toward millennials, only allowed passengers 18 to 45 on its cruise. The cruise line has since dropped its maximum age restriction.


P&O Cruises’ Aurora, owned by Carnival, will roll out its new adults-only cruise line beginning in March of 2019. The company announced that passengers who decline booking on one of its family-friendly ships would be eligible for a refund.