Non-Stop Vs. Layover: Travelers Debate Over Which Is The Better Flight Option
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Non-Stop Vs. Layover: Travelers Debate Over Which Is The Better Flight Option

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Oct 6, 2021

We all love a good meme on social media, but one particular meme now has travelers debating if opting for a direct flight or one with a layover is the better option. Layovers can be a hassle on shorter flights, but as the thread so elegantly pointed out, they are definitely the move when going international.

Although posted months ago, it was recently shared in popular travel group, iluv2globetrot, and let’s just say Caleb’s post had many travelers going in.

“You’re going to Miami or Atlanta, Caleb, good luck on that mission,” thread moderator Adrienne Lewis said.

“A whole lot of international flights will be missed,” traveler Day Lyn said with the crying laughing emoji to follow it.

Many pointed out that yes, not having a layover on a domestic flight is great. But, when you have one on an international flight, it makes the journey easier and can provide some added passport stamps for the price of one ticket.

“This sounds like someone who ain’t familiar with layover finessing, airport exploring, multi-hop suites class tickets and ultimately… lounge life,” Kumi Rauf said.

“And miss out on that long layover in Europe?!?! I’m going to country hop to as many places as possible on one ticket,” Erica Claudine pointed out.

Agreeing with Erica, Karen Lemard shared, “that’s what I’m talking about. I had a layover in Switzerland on my way to Egypt, coming back I had a layover in Austria.”

Personally, we don’t mind an extended layover in Europe and many other international destinations. Some airlines, including TAP Air and Emirates, have stopover options that allow you to ‘stop over’ in one of their connecting international cities, for no additional charge.

This means that when you purchase a ticket to, let’s say, Morocco on TAP Air, you can add a multi-night stay in Portugal before you actually arrive in Morocco. And, the airline won’t charge you extra. So, you essentially get two trips for the price of one.

Also, let’s not forget that being stuck on a plane for more than 10 hours can be a lot. While they are larger planes with aisles to move around, it’s no better feeling than being able to walk around freely for a few minutes or hours in between the haul.

“Take a fourteen-hour flight or two and see if you still feel that way,” Kendrick Kaufman said.

“Nahhhhhh I love those long layovers,” Trina F. chimed in. “Extra free trip, and a chance to explore and relax till the next leg!!”

So, TN fam, what do you say? Are flights with a layover better or not. Also, let us know your layover tips and tricks in the comments.

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