St. Thomas is the perfect Caribbean destination for a plethora of reasons. The main one being that you don’t even need a U.S. passport to visit. Beyond that, it’s a great spot to island hop from, allowing you to turn your trip into a multi-country visit with a short ferry or plane ride.

The island was affected by hurricanes in recent years, but we can assure you the vibes are still the same. From the delicious cuisine, eco-friendly excursions, and hotels that come with an in-room margarita maker— we’ve curated this mini guide on everything you’ll want to see and do.

So, if St. Thomas has been on your list for some time, or you’re in need of a redo— here’s everything you’ll want to add to your itinerary.

1. Where to stay

By DeAnna Taylor

4 words, In-room frozen margarita maker. Yes, each room at the Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham – St. Thomas comes with its own frozen concoction maker, so you can keep the vibes going from your balcony or even from your bed.

By DeAnna Taylor

The property is absolutely stunning— and massive. It’s perfect for solo travelers, couples, and even families. There is a beach on property, a restaurant, a market that sells breakfast items, a swim-up bar, and more.

While the property’s beach is a bit small, just a short walk away (less than 5 minutes), is popular Coki Beach. There, you will find locals selling homemade Caribbean food, freshmade juices, and lots of other goodies. Get there early, or plan accordingly, because this is also a popular beach for those visiting from cruises.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor


2. Where to Eat

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

We mentioned the food stalls at Coki Beach, but if you’re looking for a nice sit down meal, Blue 11 is where you’ll want to go.

First things first, it’s Black-owned.

Chef Benji is self-taught and has worked his way up over the years from kitchens across the islands. A native of Dominica, he also has an all-Black male wait staff— many of whom are also from Dominica.

Photo by DeAnna Taylor

Blue 11 is unlike anything you’ll experience, and we’re honestly trying to figure out why it hasn’t gotten a Michelin star yet.

There is no menu. So don’t bother looking it up. You choose from the 7, 9, or 11-course tasting options and sit back and let Chef Benji and his team work their magic. You won’t be disappointed.


3. What to Do

There is plenty to see and do around the island. You can always visit the local market to pick up souvenirs and trinkets for your friends and fam, or you can simply spend your days relaxing by a beach.

Courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

But, if you really want to try something unique, book a tour with Virgin Island Eco Tours. The 3-hour adventure allows you to kayak through St. Thomas’ protected mangroves before reaching a beautiful blow hole— a perfect spot for photos and content. After your mini photoshoot, you’ll then go on a guided snorkel to see some of the island’s unique underwater life, including conch shells and maybe even a few barracudas— but don’t worry, they won’t harm you.

Courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

4. Island Hopping

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If you have the time, you’ll also want to plan to island hop to nearby destinations. If you don’t have a U.S. passport, there’s nearby St. John and St. Croix— both also apart of the USVI.

For those with passports, head to Tortola. You can read up on why this island is one of our favorites here.

If you really want to experience a unique destination, take a ferry from Tortola to Anegada. It’s well-known for its lobster, and people literally make the trip just to indulge. It is a long journey though, but we hear it is totally worth it.