9 Black Gen-Z Entrepreneurs You Need To Know
Photo Credit: Katerina Holmes

Photo Credit: Katerina Holmes

9 Black Gen-Z Entrepreneurs You Need To Know

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Jul 21, 2022

Modern media and pop culture can’t seem to get enough of Generation Z. The newest generation of human beings ranging from ages 10 to 25 are finally coming into their own and flourishing right before our very eyes. The first batch of Gen-Z college students is starting to graduate and enter the workforce. Their nostalgic swag and non-judgemental auras are influencing everything from tech and fashion to social justice and advocacy. And we love to see it!

Emerging right alongside the Gen-Z influencers is a strong group of budding entrepreneurs. Using their fresh mindsets and diverse backgrounds, these young people are redefining their industries and creating a new playing field where the next generation can thrive. Here are nine Black Gen-Z entrepreneurs you need to know who are about to take over.

Sidney Keys III

Having appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, and O, The Oprah Magazine, this St. Louis native and entrepreneur has been encouraging reading amongst young boys since he was 10 years old. Now, at 15, Keys is continuing to advocate for African-American literacy through his company Books N Bros and has even been featured as a Disney+ MARVEL hero. Keys is paving the way for change and showing more young boys of color that reading is not only fundamental but that it is also cool. 

Mica & Mya Caine


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A dose of double-trouble taking the STEM industry by storm, identical twins Mica and Mya Caine are the creators of Mive Fashion. Developed by the twins in 2018, Mive is an online fashion marketplace where women can find the perfect outfits in an augmented reality. There’s no need for a fitting room at Mive Fashion and the sisters made sure to incorporate body and life-affirming components into the hyper-personalized shopping experience. Graduates of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, Mica and Mya have created a new fashion space where inclusion reigns supreme. 

Bishop Curry

Bishop Curry is definitely not your average 15-year-old. Five years ago he developed a child heatstroke prevention device after a baby in his neighborhood passed away from heatstroke in a hot car. Curry moved forward with patenting his invention and raised nearly $50,000 dollars to propel forward product manufacturing. Once his device hits the market, Curry could potentially save the lives of hundreds of children each year.  

Karmen Gooding

A graduate of Clark Atlanta University, Karmen Gooding created her skincare line, Kitchen Care, after her skin took a turn for the worse during her senior year. A biology student, she discovered a ton of bacteria on her makeup brushes that were causing her skin to break out so she developed an all-natural brush cleaner that was the start of Kitchen Care. The brand has expanded to include cleansers, toners, and moisturizers that cater to Black and brown skin and encourage self-care amongst its customers.  

Tamia Hawkins

When she’s not giving back to her community or encouraging other kids to follow their dreams, 14-year-old Tamia Hawkins spends her time baking some of everyone’s favorite goodies. Her company Mia’s Treats Delight is known in the Midwest for its delectable cookies, brownies, and cookie cakes and the young entrepreneur consistently strives to bake goods with a greater purpose in mind. In 2020, Hawkins was recognized as one of the Root’s Young Futurists alongside 24 other world changers and her journey in leadership and business is just starting to take shape. 

Madison Harrison


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Fifteen-year-old Madison Harrison wears a lot of hats. A published writer, musician, and composer, Harrison does a little bit of everything; but she is best known for her celebrity photography. When most toddlers were playing with toys, Harrison was picking up a camera for the first time and has been able to photograph celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and  President and First Lady Obama. Harrison has graced and photographed many red carpets but her biggest win is inspiring other kids to strive for greatness. 

a’Ron Burns


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The youngest restaurant owner in the entire state of Nebraska, a’Ron Burns is determined to build his Roll-N-Sweetz ice cream brand into a household name. The 17-year-old opened his ice cream shop in June 2022 and spent three years researching, planning, and finding investors to fund his vision. Long-term, the Gen-Z ice cream mastermind hopes his product will become the first nationally sold rolled ice cream brand in the country and remind everyone of the happiness found in a single cup of ice cream.  

Jahkil Jackson


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When the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off in 2020, Jahkil Jackson connected with over 200 young people around the country to distribute 7,500 blessing bags to the homeless community. Now, Jackson is a motivational speaker and best-selling author inspiring kids to take action and get involved in their communities in a positive way. Jackson’s Project I Am continues to make strides in efforts for the homeless community and he was even recognized by President Obama as one of the three most influential people of 2017. 

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