New Website Chronicles The History Of Black Leisure Travel Across The Diaspora
Photo Credit: @hellomikee via Twenty20

Photo Credit: @hellomikee via Twenty20

New Website Chronicles The History Of Black Leisure Travel Across The Diaspora

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Aug 4, 2021

Black travelers recently gained another important source of empowerment on the internet this month, with the launching of the new History of Black Travel website. Created in partnership between Black Travel Alliance and Tourism RESET, the site intends to educate the public on Black leisure travel and how the African Diaspora traveled the planet— leaving their mark within the travel industry throughout history.

“We are excited to partner with Tourism RESET on this groundbreaking project,” said Ursula Petula Barzey, Research Committee Chair for Black Travel Alliance. “We brainstormed a number of research initiatives related to Black travel and in the end felt that The History Of Black Travel website with a timeline would have the most impact as it helps to educate and correct the misperception that Black people just started to travel for leisure. We have been traveling since the beginning of time and have made major contributions to the development of leisure travel and tourism.”

The History Of Black Travel site currently features 130 timeline entries from the Americas, focusing mostly on the United States. The site plans to continue expanding the timeline to add Black leisure travel stories from all continents and countries across the globe. 

The organizers will also invite travelers, historians, scholars and tourism stakeholders to contribute with suggestions. 

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According to Black Travel Alliance, the feedback will assist with the development of the twelve main categories of the timeline that will help viewers focus on different aspects of Black travel throughout various eras, locations, and decades.

“Major categories include accommodations, explorers, groundbreakers, and leisure travel developments spotlighting cultural sites and tours, festivals and major events, outdoor activities, food and drink, retail, and wellness,” said the organization in a press release.   

The website also has categories and entries related to slavery, migration, and the government with legislative and judicial rulings as they provide background and context for many of the Black leisure travel developments.  

Ultimately, this will be used as a resource to educate and guide discussions related to the contributions of Black people to travel historically, presently, and for the future. 

“History not only tells us the story of our past, but also informs our perspective as we move into the future. The History Of Black Travel timeline is a long-overdue tool for educators, researchers, and industry professionals to use in an effort to break down stereotypes and misconceptions of who the trailblazers in the travel industry really were,” Dr. Alana Dillette, Co-Director of Tourism RESET said.

So often, Black people are plagued by the collective memory of slavery and the many injustices that followed. The History Of Black Travel timeline is an opportunity to shape-shift the narrative of Black travel history and own our stories – both the triumphs and the hardships.”

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