Last summer, I began hearing a lot of talk about a new concert venue opening in St. Louis. They called it City Foundry STL and, as the season progressed, I began to see a lot of concerts popping up at the space. I never got to make it to any of those live music events but I always wondered exactly what the space truly was used for. Little did I know, City Foundry was so much more than a concert venue. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to venture down to St. Louis City to check out the foundry and I was in for a treat. Lush vines lined the concrete pillars that guided you from the parking lot to the entrance. There was a very indoor-outdoor vibe to the space and outdoor seating spaces were filled with a diverse array of people enjoying the different food from inside the hall. 

I wasn’t completely sure what to expect from City Foundry STL but my visit met and exceeded my expectations. Captivated by the plethora of food vendors, the elaborate industrial design, and the live musician belting his rendition of Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy over the microphone, I left satisfied and excited for everything City Foundry planned on bringing next to the St. Louis area.

What Is The City Foundry?

Located in St. Louis, MO, City Foundry STL is 300,000 square foot venue housing a variety of shops, markets, and food vendors. There are also office spaces for rent, outdoor seating, and a plethora of entertainment options. The space is a hub for gathering, eating, and having fun, and people across the Midwest have been taking advantage of everything the venue has to offer. 

City Foundry STL opened in August 2021 but the space is constantly evolving and changing. Vendors in the food hall and shops change regularly so visitors never know what the center will have in store for them. 

The property was purchased over 100 years ago by the Century Electric Company, one of the top 3 manufacturers in St. Louis during that time. The motors and generators created by Century were the initial inspiration behind small household appliances and City Foundry aims to generate a new era of innovation in the city just like the owners of the electric company.

Food Court Heaven

Perhaps the best thing about the City Foundry is its food hall. Modeled after the iconic food courts of the early 2000s, this food hall is an epic culinary experience. There are so many food options in the hall you could spend an entire day there indulging in all of the delicious goodness. 

When I visited the food hall, I was blown away by the diversity of the vendors available to try. There was an abundance of different types of cuisines and, although I settled on getting Afro Caribbean food from Chez Ala, I couldn’t help but wander around plotting the next food vendor I would try. After I finished my food, I grabbed a Strawbery Goat Cheese ice cream bar from Poptimism STL. Yall, when I tell you that was some of the best ice cream I have ever had in my life! I savored every bite as I walked through the food hall examining what other goodies I could get my hands on. 

The City Foundry food hall was definitely an impressive feat and I can’t wait to go back again. Patty’s Cheesecakes was sold out by the time I made it in that day, but they are definitely on my list of vendors to try out. Other vendors like 4 Hens Creole Kitchen, Chicken Scratch Rotisserie, Intergalactic Burgers, and Fordo’s Killer Pizza also stood out as some incredible places worth checking out. 

One of my favorite things about the food hall was being able to be up close and personal with the vendors. The seating area winds between the separate food stalls and some even allow you to see back into the kitchen where the food is being prepared. It was a very interactive experience and they even had live music being played while we dined. It was a phenomenal experience that resurrected the nostalgic memories of being in the food court of my favorite mall.

Entertainment Galore

City Foundry is still evolving and changing so you can expect to see a plethora of new activities and entertainment options being added to the complex. Currently, the retail shopping center is booming with incredible shops and stores like Mix and Match, Sanctioned Sneaker Collection, Golden Gems, and Artifox. More shops are being added so you’ll never know what you may find. They even have a Fresh Thyme grocery store, so whether it’s clothes, tennis shoes, or food, you can find what you need in City Foundry. 

As far as fun goes, City Foundry is building St. Louis’s next entertainment playground. Soon, the venue will be home to a handful of attractions to keep you busy after you finish eating in the food hall. The City Winery will be the perfect place for date nights or just to grab a glass of sweet wine after a long day. The creators of Top Golf have also teamed up to bring the Puttshack to City Foundry, an upscale, tech-infused miniature golf experience. City Foundry also hosts a ton of live concert experiences, pop-up markets, and even carnivals throughout the year.