It goes without saying that no one enjoys the fees associated with checking a bag. It’s a necessary, and sometimes unavoidable, expense depending on the occasion and duration of your travel. While you can’t avoid them on every flight, a helpful TikTok hack to cut back on checked bag fees is always good to have handy. This particular hack is making waves on social as travelers get crafty with a flying must-have for many: the trusted travel neck pillow.

The savvy travelers of TikTok are turning a once secretly clever packing trend into a viral how-to for saving money. There’s no guarantee this hack will actually lead to a life of not checking a bag ever again. However, it can limit the number of times you have to include baggage fees in your travel budget.

The pillow hack, where airport passengers swap their memory foam or other plush fillings with extra clothing and accessories, just made packing a little less guilt-free. Thousands of social media users are trying it out and sharing the secret to traveling with extra essentials for free.

Treat your travel self by adding a neck pillow to the vacation essentials list.

TUBE Travel Neck Pillow

As one of the few neck pillow designs created with the goal of helping you save, the TUBE travel neck pillow doubles as extra storage to minimize luggage fees. The TUBE is your new favorite carry-on holding two to three days of clothing for a weekend trip. 

Enjoy the convenience of packing light with this tube-shaped case that comfortably fits your neck like a traditional neck pillow.

Sobeikre Pillowcase Set

If style is a top priority, this 4-piece set offers both options and a more sophisticated selection to choose from. Sobeikre’s mixed leather pillowcase set is designed for home decor. However, with home being wherever you are, Travel Noire is getting creative with this selection.

Each of the six print sets include four cushion covers that will soon become your go-to flying pillow. The pillow’s simple zipper design makes it easy to pack and unpack carry-on clothing and accessories.

If you have concerns about getting through the gate unnoticed, this high-end home look offers a more discreet design.

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Blissy Silk Pillowcase

For travelers who don’t want to compromise hair or skin health, a silk pillowcase is the perfect moisture-retaining, temperature-regulating option. Since Travel Noire readers like nice things and are serious about self-care, Blissy’s 100 percent pure mulberry silk pillowcase is the luxe pick for quality sleep and storage. The hidden zipper makes it even easier to neatly tuck extra swimwear or tops securely into your traveling pillow.

This silk pillowcase is hypoallergenic, great for sensitive skin, and prevents skin and hair dryness.

bonmedico Ergonomic Neck Cushion

The bonmedico Ergonomic Neck Cushion has a bonus eye mask included. Skip the window debate by settling into your non-window seat with this posture and relaxation-friendly travel set.

This neck pillow is supported with memory foam, which can easily be substituted for extra travel wear. Its surface has a cooling gel layer and a clutch feature, especially for long-haul flights. Highly rated for travel, you’ll find comfort and convenience in its form and function, while enjoying those extra fees at your destination. 

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