Naming a child is important as that name will literally stick with them wherever they go. It will be a part of who they are and even form a sense of how they see themselves. Names form identity and can carry with them a sense of hope. Likewise, the image of fire in culture, literature and throughout history has symbolized much the same thing. For some parents, this meaning is enough to look for a name that means or is inspired by fire for their newborn.

Fire symbolizes different things across different cultures. It does not always mean hotheaded or angry, either. Fire can symbolize passion, confidence, self-worth, courage and more. And these are traits that anyone, no matter their gender, can benefit from having. With that being said, this list is perfect for you if this type of name interests you. Discover what unique names mean fire or something associated to it across the world and consider them for your child or even your pet.

Names That Mean Fire for Boys

1. Ignatius (Latin) – Meaning “fiery” or “ardent,” from Latin “ignis”

2. Aidan (Irish) – Derived from the Irish name “Aodhán,” meaning “little fire”

3. Fintan (Irish) – Means “white fire” or “fair-haired”

4. Enya (Irish) – Meaning “fire” or “flame”

5. Illyria (Greek) – Derived from “Illyrios,” referring to the ancient Illyrian people and possibly associated with fire

6. Nuri (Turkish) – Signifying “my fire” or “my light”

7. Kasai (Japanese) – Means “fire” in Japanese

8. Luan (Chinese) – Translates to “warrior” or “fire”

Classic Names You Probably Never Knew Had a Fiery Meaning

The cool thing about even the most commonly heard names in America is that they have their own unique origin. Take the name Aiden for example. Aiden originated as a gender-neutral Gaelic name. The name is a more modern rendition of the traditional Irish name, Aodhán. Aodhán comes from the name Aodh, which has a Celtic origin. All this history behind this classic name makes it a great way to name your child after fire.

9. Aiden (Irish) – A variant of Aidan, meaning “little fire”

10. Adarsh (Sanskrit) – Meaning “mirror” or “light”

11. Shula (Swahili) – Signifies “flame” or “fire”

12. Fuego (Spanish) – Directly translates to “fire” in Spanish

13. Atar (Persian) – Signifying “fire” or “flame”

14. Ignazio (Italian) – An Italian variant of Ignatius, meaning “fiery”

15. Kai (Hawaiian) – Can be associated with “fire” or “sea”

16. Alaric (Germanic) – Means “ruler of all” or “ruler of the people”

17. Soleil (French) – Translates to “sun,” which is a source of fire and heat

Names That Mean Fire for Girls

18. Seraphina (Hebrew) – Meaning “burning ones,” derived from the Hebrew word “seraphim,” which are angelic beings associated with fire and light

19. Adara (Hebrew) – Signifying “fire” or “noble”

20. Illyria (Greek) – Derived from “Illyrios,” referring to the ancient Illyrian people and possibly associated with fire

21. Inari (Japanese) – Named after the Shinto deity of rice, fertility, and foxes, often associated with fire

22. Kalama (Hawaiian) – Means “flaming torch” or “the light of the torch”

23. Hestia (Greek) – Signifies “hearth” or “fireside,” associated with the warmth of the home

24. Agnete (Norwegian) – Meaning “pure” or “chaste,” with potential associations with fire as purification

25. Ember (English) – Directly related to “embers,” the glowing remains of a fire

26. Agnieszka (Polish) – Derived from “agnus,” meaning “pure,” with associations to fire as a symbol of purity

27. Fiammetta (Italian) – Translates to “little flame” in Italian

Names That Have Meanings Associated With Fire

Some words that mean fire do not necessarily translate to names very well. That is where you can get creative and look deeper into the meaning of a name. The name does not have to literally translate to fire in order to symbolize the fiery meaning you would like your child’s name to have. Take the name Nuria for example. This Arabic name’s meanings are associated with the qualities of fire that make it such a powerful element, making it perfect for naming your child.

28. Nuria (Arabic) – Signifying “light” or “radiance,” with associations to the light and warmth of fire

29. Eldora (Spanish) – Means “golden” or “gilded,” which can be linked to the color of fire

30. Kyra (Greek) – Signifies “lord” or “lady,” often associated with the idea of a fiery ruler

31. Teal (Scottish) – Means “fire” or “fierce energy”

32. Aithne (Irish) – Translates to “fire” or “radiance”

33. Soleil (French) – Translates to “sun,” which is a source of fire and heat

34. Matar (Arabic) – Signifying “rain” or “precipitation,” which can be linked to the idea of extinguishing fires

35. Maysan (Arabic) – Means “to flow like water,” contrasting with fire’s nature

36. Phoenix (Greek) – The mythical bird that is reborn from its ashes after burning in flames

37. Fuego (Spanish) – Directly translates to “fire” in Spanish

38. Emberly (English) – A modern variant of Ember, meaning “burning ember”

39. Nuri (Turkish) – Signifying “my fire” or “my light”

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Fire, Burn or Heat

40. Calor (Latin) – Directly translates to “heat” in Latin

41. Caledonia (Latin/Scottish) – Means “land of heat” and is the Latin name for Scotland

42. Xana (Asturian) – Signifies “flame” or “heat”

43. Calida (Latin) – Meaning “hot” or “warm”

44. Brasa (Spanish) – Translates to “ember” or “coals”

45. Caliente (Spanish) – Directly translates to “hot” in Spanish

46. Caleo (Latin) – Signifying “to be hot” or “to burn”

47. Cinders (English) – Refers to the hot ashes left after a fire

48. Blaise (French) – Means “to lisp” but can also be associated with heat and burning

49. Shula (Swahili) – Signifies “flame” or “fire”

50. Ardor (Spanish) – Meaning “passion” or “intensity”

51. Fiamma (Italian) – Translates to “flame” or “fire”

Names With Multiple Meanings Including Fire

These names are perfect if you are looking for a name that means fire that also have other meanings in different connotations. Take the Sanskrit name Asha. The name means “hope” but also has associations with fire. This name could symbolize the optimism and positivity in a person, while also standing for their brave and bold qualities that are similar to fire.

52. Asha (Sanskrit) – Means “hope” but can also be linked to the idea of fire and light

53. Keahi (Hawaiian) – Means “the fire” or “flames”

54. Scorch (English) – Refers to burning or scorching

55. Caliente (Spanish) – Directly translates to “hot” or “warm” in Spanish

56. Searlait (Irish) – A Gaelic name meaning “little fire” or “little torch”

57. Emberlynn (English) – A combination of “ember” and “lynn,” signifying “lake,” with associations to fire and water

58. Blaze (English) – Meaning “fire” or “flame”

59. Pyra (Greek) – Translates to “fire”

60. Blazej (Polish) – A Polish variant of Blaise, which can be associated with heat and burning

61. Ignacia (Spanish) – Derived from “Ignatius” and means “fiery” or “ardent”

62. Vritika (Sanskrit) – Means “fiery” or “burning”

Names for Boys and Girls That Mean Heat or Hot

63. Caldwell (Old English) – “Cold well” or “Cold spring,” but the “cald” part originally meant “hot”

64. Cayenne (French) – Referring to the spicy pepper

65. Fiero (Italian) – “Fierce” or “Fiery”

66. Theros (Greek) – “Hot” or “Summer”

67. Ardith (Hebrew) – “Burning” or “Fiery”

68. Vesta (Latin) – In Roman mythology, Vesta was the goddess of the hearth, symbolizing warmth and fire

69. Thermopylae (Greek) – Referring to a place associated with hot springs in ancient Greece

70. Brantley (English) – “Fiery torch” or “Burning field”

71. Zephyr (Greek) – “West wind,” but also associated with warmth and gentle breezes