If you’ve ever dreamed of walking through your favorite resort in your birthday suit or soaking under the sun with nothing more than SPF 30 on your body, then maybe you are in need of a nakation. Forbes recently coined the new buzzword that they anticipate catching on quickly in 2020. From the popularity of sustainable travel to the increase in body-positive messaging in the media, nude vacations could be the latest travel trend.

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lastminute.com survey showed that getting an “all-over tan” was the primary reason why vacationers would try a nudist holiday. But nude vacations are about more than freeing yourself of those pesky clothes or getting the perfect tan. They are about connecting with nature, whether that’s through naked hikes, cruises or even yoga. And the trend has expanded to restaurants and community programs like New York’s topless book club.

According to Forbes, Bunyadi restaurant was London’s first naked restaurant and although starting as a pop-up, had a staggering waitlist of 44,000 people. Even the waiters served tables naked, and of course, cell phones are banned.

Although this trend may seem surprising and maybe a little outrageous in our part of the world, nudity has been much more accepted in other regions such as Europe for centuries.

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“There are indeed many public nudist beaches in Europe, from Brighton beach to many of the Spanish islands, where the majority of the beaches are nudist-friendly. In terms of the sanctuary of nudist resorts and tailored vacations, supply is certainly increasing in Europe, but demand seems to be far outgrowing this,” says forbes.com. “If you were to visit a Spa, or Onsen in Japan, or indeed Austria and Germany to name but a few countries in Europe, you won’t be allowed to wear clothes. Bathing in the buff has been long celebrated and became the norm long ago.”

We’ll have to wait and see how the trench catches on in our part of the world.