Moses McCormick, Man Known For Speaking 20+ Languages, Dies
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Instagram| @laoshu505000

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Instagram| @laoshu505000

Moses McCormick, Man Known For Speaking 20+ Languages, Dies

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 10, 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we report Moses “Laoshu” McCormick, the Black polyglot known for his ability to speak at least 20 languages has passed away at the age of 39 from heart complications.

McCormick, known as Laoshu 505000, wooed and captured the hearts of many, including his more than 1 million YouTube subscribers with his language abilities. He would post videos of himself walking up to strangers and speaking some of the world’s hardest languages, including Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

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The news of his death was confirmed by family members who created a  GoFundMe to have the late YouTuber’s remains transported from Phoenix to his hometown in Akron, Ohio.

“Moses Monweal McCormick was a beautiful brother, son, father, and friend,” McCormick’s sister, Susan Nushawn McCormick, wrote. “He touched the lives of so many all over the world. His dedication and passion for not only learning but, teaching a plethora of Languages

McCormick made one last post on March 4  showing his progress on his Sinhalese writing.

Laoshu impacted so many people in his life, and the news of his death came as a shock. Several people have taken to social media to pay their respects.

Laoshu will be deeply missed by many, including us here at Travel Noire.

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