Morro De São Paulo, A Paradise Island Located Near Brazil's Blackest City
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Morro De São Paulo, A Paradise Island Located Near Brazil's Blackest City

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Mar 9, 2022

Brazil’s Blackest city of Salvador is a land that is a wonder to the people of the African diaspora for many reasons. A place where 70% of the population are of African descent,  Salvador maintains its African roots that are largely seen. But, if you decide to go this beautiful city, it is also worth visiting Morro de São Paulo island, one of the top destinations on the Brazilian northeast coast located only one hour from Salvador.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The island offers a unique nature and attracts tourists from all over the world. In fact, Morro de São Paulo is a perfect option for those who, in addition to finding turquoise waters, want attractions available 24 hours a day.

The charm is provided by the mixture of sophistication of hotels, inns and nightclubs, with the simplicity and tranquillity in a town where cars are not allowed.

Sunset at Morro de São Paulo| Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Located in a privileged spot on the coast of the state of Bahia, Morro de São Paulo is a village in the north of the island of Tinharé, which belongs to the archipelago of Cairu.

The archipelago of Cairu is formed by 26 islands where only 3 are inhabited. However, the main tourist destination is Morro de São Paulo.

The town is a kind of a melting pot where different languages ​​are spoken due to the intense influx of foreigners who visit the place. This is because Morro de São Paulo is seen as an environment of great joy, relaxation and that brings the feeling of vacation all year round. The rusticity of the place is still a striking feature, but the atmosphere of the present is also present. Also, the beaches of Morro de São Paulo have a transparent greenish hue, impossible to resist a dip in. There are seven main beaches and one of the most famous is Segunda Praia beach. With beautiful white sands and blue diamond waters, Segunda Praia beach is perfect for diving and getting in touch with the beauty of the schools and reefs.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

An important detail is that the island appeals to everyone; lovers of sunny days and lovers of nightlife. This is because there are many attractions 24 hours a day. There, the visitor will find stores, restaurants, pharmacies, internet cafés, call shops, money exchange agencies etc. Morro de São Paulo is also a perfect place for those who love hiking trails and eco trails.

Morro de São Paulo’s culture is heavily influenced by African roots. The visitor will meet several cultural manifestations that represented the beliefs and traditions of the local Black community. Some parties still survived the progress, the arrival of tourism and are still held. Today, culture is portrayed through these popular festivals such as those related to Candomblé (an African diasporic religion that developed in Brazil during the 18th century through a process of syncretism between several of the traditional religions of West Africa, especially that of the Yoruba) and other artistic manifestations such as capoeira and handicrafts.

Capoeira Festival in Morro de São Paulo| Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Morro de São Paulo is located about 60km from Salvador. Although the distance seems relatively close, access is not that simple. Most tourists choose to go through Salvador airport, which has a greater offer of flights. Arriving in the capital, it is possible to choose a few options. On Arriving in Salvador, the most usual is to take a speedboat (ferry if you are driving) to the Maritime Tourist Terminal where you will be able to get to Morro de São Paulo. LATAM, Gol Airlines, Copa Airlines and Delta Airlines are companies that offer flights from cities in the U.S. to Salvador.

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