Moon Shaped Hotel To Be Built In Dubai
Photo Credit: Timo Volz

Photo Credit: Timo Volz

Moon Shaped Hotel To Be Built In Dubai

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Sep 28, 2022

Clearly, within the most recent years, we are getting closer to the days of vacationing in outer space. Billionaires even built their own rocket ships to orbit in space for a couple of days. Before we know it, space tourism will be here to stay one day. However, in the meantime, we have Moon World Resorts ready to provide stays that are out of this world.

What we know:

Moon World Resorts wants to build sphere shaped hotels that resemble the moon right in Dubai. Each hotel will be designed to look like a small scale sized moon. Down to the craters and the moon’s texture. These hotels would be 735 feet high with a circumference of 2042 feet.

A statement from Co-founder:

Co-founder of Moon World Resorts, Canadian entrepreneur Michael R. Henderson told CNN that the moon is a “recognizable brand.”

“Seven and a half billion people know it, everybody loves it,” he says.

Henderson boasts that each of the resorts will be “a very luxurious and contemporary, fully integrated destination resort, with a lot of components inside that one would already know” 

Added attractions:

Renderings of the resort express spaceship inspired interiors and theme based entertainment. Henderson also envisions the resort’s biggest attraction, an actual replica experience of walking on the moon.

“We will give you the ability in your lifetime to walk on what you will believe to be the lunar surface,” stated Henderson.

Going global:

For two decades Henderson and his team have been working on Moon World Resorts. He expressed that a project of this magnitude comes with “tremendous technical challenges.” However Henderson and his business partner Sandra G. Matthews are working with professionals and the best engineers to bring the concept to fruition.

“We basically have a plethora of groups around the world who we just pull in, as we need them. But obviously, once the project actually starts to build, then they will be located in a particular region,” said Henderson.

The goal of the Moon World Resorts:

The goal of the Moon World Resorts is to set up four resorts across the world. One in North America, one in Europe, North Africa, and one in Asia. Henderson will provide licensing opportunities for investors ready to cash out on the project.

Moon World Resorts has their hearts set on Dubai becoming the first official home of a Moon World Resort. Henderson explains that the UAE is the best choice since it’s already a popular tourist destination and already home to “a lot of infrastructure” projects in general.

Who can go?

With recent advancements towards traveling through space, now anyone with the right bank account can go into the galaxy. As a matter of fact Virgin Galactic sells space jaunts for $450,000.

Meanwhile Henderson’s Moon World Resorts would only costs guests $500 to walk the resort’s “lunar surface.”

The opening?

Expenses for developing the resort could hinder the Moon World Resort from ever reaching its beginning stages, but Henderson feels otherwise. “It’s not so much looking for capital,” he explains. “The goal for a licensor, like us, is to find the licensee. And so once you secure the licensee, then you’ve the money for the projects already there — because we’re not talking about small companies, these will be major international corporations.”

According to Henderson the first licensee would need to invest five billion dollars and they expect to secure an investor by the end of the year. Moon World Resort foresees there first opening for 2027.

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