How This Mom of 2 Quit Her Corporate Job in New York & Moved To Italy
Photo Credit: Instagram | @530soulstudios

Photo Credit: Instagram | @530soulstudios

How This Mom of 2 Quit Her Corporate Job in New York & Moved To Italy

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Nov 23, 2019

Stress and missing out on her children’s milestones are what prompted Stephanie Rubinato to quit her corporate job.

In an interview with Virtual Assistant Internship, Stephanie revealed, “I felt as though I was missing some of my daughter’s major milestones, and it was really hard going back to work after three months of being with her. I felt like that was just not a long enough time to be able to bond.”

Three years into her busy work-life in New York City,  she was ready for a change.  The wife and mom of two decided to pack up and move her family to North Venice, Italy.  

Instagram | @530soulstudios

The first opportunity Stephanie received in Italy was teaching English online.  After searching for other online opportunities, she stumbled upon a job opening for a video editor and visual storyteller.  

In her current role,  she serves as an on-call editor for a company based in California where they work with influencers on various video projects.

Besides living abroad, a highlight for Stephanie is making her own schedule on her own terms.

Instagram | @530soulstudios

“I built a schedule around when my son goes to sleep,” she said. “I also have my daughter go to their grandparents for two days a week, and my husband takes my daughter to their aunt’s house and she’ll play with her cousins.”

For those of you looking for looking to make the move abroad and considering a virtual career,” said Stephanie. “Working online doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time. You have to be patient and know that it’s going to come to fruition. You just have to be patient with yourself.”

Follow Stephanie’s adventures in Italy on Instagram.

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