It’s a bitter pill to swallow–Millennials are no longer the youngest adults in the room. The birth years for that generation are around 1981 to 1995. This means the oldest millennials are in their early 40s. Some have partners, children, and perhaps a few body aches that weren’t there a decade ago. Millennials faced many challenges as they came of age, including terrorism, economic recessions, and social and political unrest. In spite of this, they’ve managed to leave their mark all over, including the travel sphere.

Millennials Were The First Generation To “Connect” On Social Media

Just as the internet revolutionized communication, social media is a game changer in the travel world.

Long before Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, there was MySpace, where Millennials could share pictures of their travels, and just about anything else. Facebook offered a fresh platform to share those experiences with an audience. In its early days, Facebook required a college email to make an account. Eventually, it flung its doors open, and everything changed. All of a sudden, millions around the world could connect with each other any time of the day.

Whatever content you post on Facebook can be consumed by others. If you write a status about that white sand beach you visited in Turks and Caicos, your friends know about it in seconds. If you post a picture of an exotic cocktail you had in Bali, people ask where you got it. You can join groups with other travel enthusiasts, and plan trips together. The advent of picture and video-based platforms like TikTok and Instagram, further what’s possible.

Social media is a valuable tool for travel, and millennials came of age just in time to capitalize on it.

Millennials Value The Education Travel Provides

Student debt and the cost of living aside, Millennials find a way to globe trot. They are highly educated, so it stands to reason that they want to further their knowledge by seeing the world.

Lindsey Roeschke, a travel and hospitality analyst for research company Morning Consult, shared her thoughts on Millennial travel with CNBC.

“When it comes to nearly all travel behaviors,” she said, “Millennials are the generation most likely to engage — and they do so often.”

She pointed out that 18% of the Millennials polled by Morning Consult, “have taken three or more domestic flights in the past year, compared to 10% of Gen Xers and 6% of Baby Boomers.”

Millennials and Generation Z are driven by the same mantra: YOLO (you only live once). They value travel as necessary for a well-rounded life, and put emphasis on things linked to travel, like self-care.

This generation is also inclined to visit destinations featured on social media, as well as movies and television.

For Millennial Parents, Traveling With Family Is Important

Gone are the days when school was the only priority. Millennials now have the responsibility of parenthood, and they bring their children on their travels. It’s worth noting that for some, pets count as children.

In 2022, Millennials who used Airbnb, made up almost half of its customer base that year. Those with young children might sooner book a home with a crib, highchair and other child equipment. For animal lovers, Airbnb rentals that allow pets are similarly attractive.

CNBC noted that some hotels have taken measures to attract Millennials and other young adults. This includes freshening up the decor, offering complimentary cocktails, and making accommodations for pets.