Tips For Maintaining Flawless Skin While Traveling This Winter
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Morgan Owens.

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of Morgan Owens.

Tips For Maintaining Flawless Skin While Traveling This Winter

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Jan 20, 2023

Everyone knows your skin undergoes some changes when the seasons switch up. That transition from summer to the cold months can be brutal for some folks. Dead and dry skin sets in like the plague, dermatologists are suddenly everyone’s best friend, and we’re all looking for a good moisturizer. 

No matter if you have dry or oily skin (or a combination of both), it’s important that you take care of your skin during the winter months. When you’re traveling and going into different climates, you want to ensure you’re keeping your skin in the best health. Beauty expert and traveler Morgan Owens shared her top tips for maintaining flawless skin while traveling this winter.

1. Hydration Is Key

Flawless Skin While Traveling
Photo Courtesy of Morgan Owens.

With winter here, a lot of the moisture is being sucked out of the air. If you live in a cold region, many people start spending more time indoors where artificial heat dries out the skin.

Owens says hydration is key when traveling in the wintertime to ensure you don’t damage your skin. The best thing you can do for your skin is to get a good moisturizer and cleanser. During the winter to combat dry skin, Owens suggests a gel-based cleanser. However, go with what works best for your skin type.

“Make sure you seek the best products for yourself when traveling,” Owens said.

Although most people think of external products when hydrating the skin, Owens says it is also important to hydrate your body from the inside out. This includes drinking plenty of water during the cold months.

2. Exfoliate Often

Because of the drop in humidity levels, cold air and heat can cause skin cells to die faster resulting in dry and dead skin. Nothing is worse than traveling and experiencing uncomfortable dry skin. Owens says travelers can combat that this winter by exfoliating often. 

“In the winter, you get more ashy and you get more crusty, so you have to make sure that dead skin keeps falling off especially if you aren’t moisturizing your face as often and drinking water,” she said.

3. Sunscreen Is For Everyone

Flawless Skin While Traveling
Photo Courtesy of Morgan Owens.

One of Owens’ biggest pet peeves is the myth that people of color don’t need to wear sunscreen. Skin cancer is real and everyone needs to wear sunscreen even during the winter months. 

“We still need sunscreen year-round,” she said. “Black does crack if we don’t wear our sunscreen. We don’t want those fine lines and wrinkles.”

Sunscreen is essential in the winter, especially for travelers with hyperpigmentation. Sunscreen will help prevent the skin from darkening even more and protect you from harmful sun rays.

4. Define Your Daytime and Nighttime Routines

Flawless Skin While Traveling
Photo Courtesy of Morgan Owens.

Don’t be afraid to switch up your skincare routine when the cold months begin to sneak up. Products that worked well during the summer might not work as well when the temperature drops. So it’s important to pay attention to your skin to make sure it’s getting what it needs. 

“Those products you use on your skin that you use during the summer, you may have to change up your skincare routine seasonally,” she said. 

Owens also said it’s important to define what your daytime and nighttime skincare routine looks like as the seasons change. For her, extra moisturizing at night time helps her keep her skin flawless year-round.

“My face looks like a glazed doughnut at night because I put on so much moisturizer,” she said.

5. Travel With a Satin Pillowcase

Another skincare tip Owens says is essential when traveling is to bring along a satin pillowcase. Hotel linen can still carry dirt and bacteria if not cleaned properly. These gems can get on your face causing breakouts and other issues you don’t want to deal with while traveling. Keeping a satin pillowcase on deck provides your face with the best possible surface to rest on without being worried about rashes and breakouts. 

6. Keep Make-Up Wipes on Deck

Flawless Skin While Traveling
Photo Courtesy of Morgan Owens.

A major mistake many travelers make when traveling is sleeping in make-up. We all want to look good when arriving at the airport, but sleeping in make-up can severely damage your skin. When you sleep, your skin renews itself. However, old make-up residue prevents the skin cells from turning over resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. 

Owens suggests keeping a pack of make-up wipes handy in case you ever need to remove make-up on the go. If you wear make-up and plan on sleeping during the flight, she recommends removing it on the plane. Having the wipes handy keeps you from using the water in the airplane restroom. 

Great skincare starts with great self-discipline when it comes to taking care of your skin. Although it may cost extra time, you’ll thank yourself later for treating your skin with tender love and care while traveling. And you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have healthy skin this winter. Amazing, affordable products can be found in your local drugstores. 

“Skincare doesn’t have to be super expensive,” she said. “It can still be affordable and accessible because everyone deserves great skin.”

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