There are quite a few luxury sleeper train routes going through Europe. Imagine giving your hand luggage to your car attendant and getting on the train late in the day. You start with having cocktails in the lounge car while enjoying the sunset. Then, imagine having a gourmet candle-lit dinner while the train chugs along, the snowy Alps just on the other side of the window.

Indulge in a night cap or dessert and go back to your suite, where your turn- down service is complete. Slip into your pajamas, slide on the provided robe and slippers and nibble on the chocolate that was left on your pillow. Then, lay down on the most comfortable of beds and enjoy the rocking motion of the train as it puts you to sleep while it bellows along.

Wake up early in the morning to a new view. Get in a good stretch and pick up a menu, all from the comfort of your bed. Order room service and have breakfast while watching the sites through your own train window. Get to your destination rested, showered and fed; usually early enough to enjoy lunch. What better way to travel and really take in all of the sights than taking a train with all of the amenities you would have in a hotel. Here are five luxury sleeper train routes through Europe to get those ideas flowing.

1. London to Venice - 1920's Throwback

Photos_worldwide, Pixabay

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express is a Belmond train that takes a day and a half to go from London to Venice. This 1920s throwback train has six Grand Suites which are adorned with heavy curtains, a royal bed, walls detailed in gold and a sitting area with a long, sleek lounger couch and complementing table. Enjoy meals with a view of the Alps, Venetian lagoons and more.

2. Milan to Sicily - Boat Train

Photos_worldwide, Pixabay

Take the Trenitalia sleeper train from Milan to Sicily and take a ride on a train and a boat at the same time. The train leaves from Milan during evening hours. The next morning the cars are taken apart and individually put on a specialized ferry to then travel the Straits of Messina by boat train. Arrival in Sicily is in the late afternoon.

3. Paris to Venice - Luxury Smorgasbord

Photos_Worldwide, Pixabay

From one of the most romantic cities in Europe to another, leaving one at sunset and arriving to the other just after breakfast. Dinner, cocktails and breakfast are all served on this route, with Italian and French flares.

4. London to Fort William - Shower on the Rails

manfredrichter, pixabay

Take the Caledonian sleeper train from London and wake up early to enjoy a spectacular sunrise over the mountains. Jump in your in-room shower before ordering breakfast served right to your car. You’ll get to Fort William pretty early in the afternoon.

5. Vienna to Paris - Welcoming Amenities

Tama66, pixabay

The Night Jet from Vienna to Paris welcomes its guests with white gloves and champagne. This sleeper train offers a bathroom kit, welcome bag, slippers, robes and wake – up service. See Salzburg and Munich along the way, then arrive in Paris just before lunch.