Located in Las Vegas, Love Cloud, a luxury private airline, has curated a romantic space for its guests to experience the mile high club while 5,280 feet in the air. The company has been in operation for nearly a decade, but due to multiple financial obstacles and the pandemic, it slowed down. Now, things are back and couples all over are signing up.

Love Cloud Vegas provides the steamy ambiance for partners to get it on while listening to sensual music under dimmed lighting. There are sets of deep red furniture to rest on and sex pillows that will make it easier for some to do the deed mid-flight.

You can choose from a variety of packages that include limo transportation and longer flight durations. With a total of 5 packages, this is the perfect idea if you are looking to spice up the romance.

The mile high club flights start at 45 minutes and can go as long as 90 minutes. Prices range from $995 before tax to $1495, not including the optional payments for limo transportation ($250 to $300). If you are looking to stay abstinent during your flight, there are two other stellar packages to choose from that will make for an unforgettable occasion.

The romantic dinner flight package allows couples to choose from a single or multi-course meal they can eat while in the air. Each meal comes with a complimentary bottle of champagne and the plane will fly over the sunset skies of Vegas that will give you a glimpse of the Strip, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Red Rock Canyon from above.

The cost for this option ranges from $1195 to $1595 depending on the number of meal courses you select.

The other enticing option is for married couples or those who are looking to conduct their weddings on a private airplane. The bride will receive a rose bouquet and the groom will be equipped with a boutonniere. There will also be a minister who can coordinate the ceremony and additional guests if the plane allows for more weight. The minister’s payment will have to be organized outside the cost of the wedding ceremony or vow renewal flight, which is totaled at $1,100.

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