The latest low-cost airline to hit the scene has big plans to serve the transatlantic market in 2024. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Fly Atlantic is set to offer flights from the United States and Canada to Europe.

One of its biggest obstacles is the history of failed airlines that have tried to offer customers similar routes. Recently Norwegian Airlines dropped their flights due to the pandemic and Wow Air went out of business in 2019. British Airways also tried to maintain its transatlantic routes. However, they could not recover their sales in business class flights from London to New York post-pandemic.

Tickets for Fly Atlantic will go on sale in 2024. The low-cost airline plans to serve 35 destinations from Belfast and hopes to corner the market by introducing flights between Europe and North America.


Photo Credit: Humphrey Muleba

Northern Ireland’s capital city Belfast is currently climbing the charts as a must-see city for travelers.

It is home to where the Titanic was built and known for The Troubles. The Troubles was a war between the Catholics and Protestants from that ran for 30 years from 1968 to 1998. The Belfast Peace Walls, which emerged from the wars, were made to show solidarity and healing within the city. Now, the walls are one of Ireland’s main attractions for tourism.

Then, there’s the Belfast Castle, which was built in 1870, is now a venue and tourist attraction.

Belfast is one of the locations used to shoot the HBO’s hit series “Game Of Thrones.” There’s even a tour related to the show available for when you arrive in the city that is hosted by one of the locals as your tour guide. 

Photo Credit: Max Leveridge

However, what really makes Belfast a fun place to visit is Rugby. Think football without the equipment. Grown men tackle each other on either side of the field trying to get to the ball.

Then, after playing in a game or watching a game at their stadium, you can go to one of the many local pubs and bars. Belfast is known for having a great number of pubs with live music almost any night. Hope you’re ready for long whiskey-filled nights.

Andrew Pyne, CEO of Low-Cost Airline FlyAtlantic

Andrew Pyne (middle) Photo Credit: Fly Atlantic

At the moment, Fly Atlantic is just a startup, but the CEO and visionary Andrew Pyne believes it can work. Pyne has worked in the airline industry for over 20 years. He was the director of operations for VietJet and the CEO of Tus Airways for two years. He’s worked on many projects in the aviation industry, but Fly Atlantic has become his main focus. 

“We looked at many options throughout the UK and Ireland,” Pyne said. “Belfast International and Vinci stood out in terms of the facilities that they offered us and their enthusiasm for and commitment to making this project a reality. Northern Ireland has a proud aviation and engineering history, and we are delighted to be able to build on this tradition as we develop the airline and its support functions.”

Support From Alderman Stephen Ross

The Alderman Stephen Ross shared his support for the new transatlantic flights. He described the announcement as “fantastic news” for Northern Ireland as a whole.

“Thanks to Fly Atlantic and Belfast International Airport’s unique partnership we will soon be able to offer direct access to worldwide destinations,” he said. “Improving connectivity is a key part of our Economic Development Strategy, and we are delighted that Fly Atlantic has selected Belfast International Airport to become a hub, offering direct flights to North America, UK, and Europe.”

He continued, “This is a key moment for Northern Ireland and is the most significant local aviation announcement in recent history. Belfast International Airport is the ideal hub for Fly Atlantic to base its operations due to its location, drive, and ability to offer unparalleled experience and routes for passengers.”