Did You Know? Los Angeles’s Dopest Rooftop Pool Hotels Offer Day Passes
Photo Credit: Sterling Davis

Photo Credit: Sterling Davis

Did You Know? Los Angeles’s Dopest Rooftop Pool Hotels Offer Day Passes

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Oct 5, 2021

Los Angeles is home to some of the most trendy 5-star hotels your eyes will ever see, especially considering most of them have a stretched-out rooftop pool for hotel and non-hotel guests to take advantage of. There are third-party platforms that allow non-hotel guests to purchase day passes to these luxurious resorts that oftentimes carry poolside eats and their tempting, refreshing alcoholic beverages.

ResortPass and Daycation are two great applications to download to do just that.

These digital services are the best tools in scheduling your day trip, especially if you are a local seeking to have a mini-weekend getaway while being near your home.

Day passes start at $20 but can increase depending on if you want to take advantage of a Los Angeles hotel’s various amenities which can include massages, rented cabanas, or able booths if you have a larger group. There are famous hotels like the Line Hotel and The Hollywood Roosevelt, where non-hotel guests can lounge freely poolside without having to purchase a day-pass.

Although, if you are looking to spend some time at the W Hotel, you may need to look into renting a day-pass through ResortPass or Daycation because the resort attracts so many tourists during the weekend.

The fun part of acquiring a day-pass is that you feel a part of the Los Angeles affluent elites while not having to take a huge chunk of cash out of your bank account, which makes for more affordable memories and low-costs activities.

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ResortPass already has over 500 resorts in the United States that are in the application’s booking system, while there are hundreds of hotels based in Los Angeles and further south that offer some sort of day pass.

Some hotels are implementing stricter day-pass regulations because of COVID-19, so day-passes may be required to enter certain resorts. On most crowded days, a day-pass will be mandatory, but if you are lucky enough to go during the off-season or a low-traffic weekend, then you may be able to sit poolside without even having to rent one.

All-day passes start at $20 and can go up to $55 for entrance and the fee increases depending on what type of lounge area you decide to rent for a single day with your traveling group.

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