A long-distance relationship is not for everyone, that we know. The trick is, more than ever, communication, dedication and a lot of patience. Long-term travelers have been at the forefront of making long-distance love less painful and a normal part of their reality. That being said, planning dates while a part is not at all easy for any long-distance relationship.  

Some have been doing this long-distance thing long before COVID-19 thrust us into a world of zoom meet-ups. Others are getting their heads around different time zones to spend quality time with their newfound travel love. Either way, whether you need a refresher on how to keep things exciting in your long-distance love or a helping hand in your new long-distance relationship, here are some date ideas just for you. 

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1. Couples card games

long distance relationship laptop
Credit: Cup of Couple

Who doesn’t like an excuse to push the surface level questions aside? With the likes of the ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’ relationship deck, long-distance relationships have given couples a new way to get closer while miles apart.

This is a great date idea when wanting to get to know your partner a little beyond the boring and the basic. This is a date night to laugh, get deep and play storyteller. Maybe not a first virtual date, but definitely one to keep on deck for whenever the time is right.

2. Virtually watch a movie together

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You cannot go wrong with a movie date night. Thanks to the creativity prompted by the pandemic, you can use Netflix Party or go old-school and press play on the chosen movie together. The joy really is in trying to get the movie to sync up at the same tip.

3. Couples that game together, stay together

long distance relationship gamer
Credit: Pavel Danilyuk

Is your partner a gamer? Long-distance relationships are nothing without tapping into the inner child, even if from behind a screen. Let your competitive side show with this gamers’ version of date night.

4. Attend virtual events together

Tomas Rodriguez | Getty Images

Artsy dates are a personal favorite, bonus points if you get to attend a gallery from the other side of the world without booking a flight.

Nothing says intimacy like an art gallery, the possibility to see each other’s perspectives on art, even while at home, is a big mood.

If you need ideas on where to start to impress your date, check this virtual art gallery at the Harlem Fine Arts Show which was a huge hit last year. Maybe you can each choose your favorite exhibitions from your cities or countries to see the other person’s world.

5. Listening Party

Long distance relationship music
Credit: Cottonbro

Listening parties really change the way we view music or an artist. It was a refreshing way to connect to new music during a pandemic, so why not connect with your date and discover new tunes together.

There are so many fun ways to do this, you can choose an album and listen and share commentary between you. Another idea is to do a line-up of your favorite Tiny Desk concerts or Colors shows. For this virtual date, bring your drinks and your inner music critic.

6. Cook dinner together over video chat and dine virtually

long distance relationship cook
Credit: RF Studio

This date works for the matured long-distance relationships as well as the cute fresh ones. You’ll each enjoy seeing how (ideally) confident your date is in the kitchen, how they like to cook, find the joy in it, and even allow yourself to feel like you’re right there together.

After the fun, set your candles and get your wine glasses to enjoy your meals together, virtually in awe of your co-created dishes.

7. Order dinner for each other

long distance relationship food
Credit: Mikhail Nilov

Or you can skip the vulnerability and the dishes from cooking in the kitchen and add some surprise to your date. Each of you can choose the other person’s meal, ordering it to their address for this twist in the long-distance culinary date.

Find out their allergies, if they’re vegan etc. and be as creative as you like. The trick is to see if you can get the taste buds down perfectly, so you know what to do when you next meet, good luck!

8. Plan your next vacation

JetBlue and American Airlines
Levi Ventura

Of course, a forever Travel Noire favorite. There is so much to enjoy about this rendition of a long-distance date night. Planning a vacation together is full of screen sharing while scrolling through gorgeous (Black-owned) hotels or Airbnbs, planning the excursions, seeing if your partner is down for road trips, mountain hikes or beach days, flicking through Pinterest boards, sending over YouTube videos of your fave traveler inspiring the trip and so much more.

Best part? This will surely give you so much to look forward to for whenever you do meet.