3 Long-Distance Pandemic Love Stories That Will Make You Cry
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

3 Long-Distance Pandemic Love Stories That Will Make You Cry

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Jade Robinson
Jade Robinson Feb 11, 2021

The global pandemic has not only put a hold on travel, but it has affected the way couples are able to show love. Long distance relationships are challenging. But, what happens when a global pandemic hits with no warning? What happens when the country you’re currently in has strict travel restrictions?

We sat down with three couples, in different types of long distance relationships, to learn how they navigate love in a pandemic.

State-to-State Love: Diamond and Rowe

Photo Courtesy of Diamond Escobar

Travel Noire: How long have you two been in a relationship, and how far do you live from one another?

Diamond: Me and Rowe just made two years together in January 2021. We live about three hours apart [Rhode Island to New York City], on a good traffic day.

Travel Noire: How do you keep the spark alive with the distance? 

Diamond: We are able to keep the spark alive simply because we look forward to spending time together. As cliché as it sounds, I think the absence makes us more excited to finally be together. When we’re apart, we’re counting down the days until we’re back together. The butterflies never go away.

Travel Noire: What does Black love mean to you? 

Diamond: Black love is a real love! It comes with a strong foundation and genuine bond. You’re never alone, always supported and loved out loud whatever your definition of that may be.

Travel Noire:What is your favorite thing about your partner? 

Diamond: My favorite thing about Rowe is his calm personality. Sometimes my personality is a lot. I worry a lot, and he’s my zen. He tries his best to ensure me everything will be ok, and he hasn’t been wrong yet.

From Canada to London : Cassy and Jovan


Travel Noire: How long has it been since you guys first met? How far apart do you live from each other?

Cassy: Just coming up on a year! Jovan lives in London and I live in Canada.

Travel Noire: What keeps the honeymoon stage going while being long distance?

Cassy: We literally speak all day every day on FaceTime. When we are together, we try to do something fun, and we always make plans for when we will see each other next before we even leave each other.

Travel Noire: How has the pandemic changed the way you guys show love to each other? 

Cassy: We actually started dating right before the pandemic so most of our relationship has been in a pandemic. I’m the ‘travel whenever and wherever I want to’ type and so is he. It wasn’t an issue for us until restrictions became real. Canada’s borders have been closed since March, so he wasn’t allowed in until they opened up an extended family visa for partners of Canadians in October. So, it hasn’t changed much, but I think dating long distance and in a pandemic definitely tests the strength of your relationship.

Travel Noire: What does black love mean to you? 

Cassy: Whew, where do I begin. To me, Black love is revolutionary. I say that because for so long, mainstream media has propagated the message that Black people don’t have healthy and successful relationships with each other— which is not true. Black love goes against everything society has told us about us, for so long. 

The pillar of the black community (or any community) is the family, which begins with love. Without it, we cease to exist. So for a community, that has been subjected to systems designed to destroy us and put us against each other, to stand up proud and say: “Naw, we love each other, we are building together and ain’t nothing you can do about it”, is revolution/ rebellion personified. Black love means y’all are wrong about us. 

Travel Noire: What is your favorite thing about your partner? 

Cassy: He allows me to be myself and loves me exactly as is. As an avid traveler and free-spirit, entering a relationship always worried me because I didn’t want to feel like I had to slow down or change my lifestyle. I always said I needed to meet someone who “fits,” meaning our lifestyles compliment each other. He came in and did just that. Everything I am is everything he loves because we are so compatible. I am most myself when I’m with him. 

New York City to The Middle East: Laura and Marcus

Photo Courtesy of Laura Camelo

Travel Noire: How long has it been for you two?

Laura: We have been together for almost 3 years, 2-years and 4-months of that have been long distance. 

Marcus: We were still in a bit of a honeymoon phase when I left. I had originally planned to be gone for 3 months, and it has been much longer. But every step of the way I have felt secure in our relationship and have no doubts.

Travel Noire: How long is the trip to get to one another?

Laura: It’s a long 13-hour plane ride. I live in New York City, and he lives in Kuwait City which is in the Middle East. 

Travel Noire: How do you keep the spark alive?

Marcus: We FaceTime a lot. Recently we started doing virtual date nights. Sometimes we get dressed up, we’ll watch a movie together, order food for each other, have game night or ask each other intimate questions. We realize it’s important to dedicate a few hours every so often to strengthen our relationship. 

Travel Noire: How has the pandemic changed the way you guys show love to each other? 

Laura: This pandemic was a blessing and curse. When I visited him back in March 2020, it was supposed to be for 10 days, and it turned into 4 months. We experienced a pandemic together and spent quality uninterrupted time. We also knew that once I would leave Kuwait we weren’t sure when we would see other again. It’s been about 7 months since we have seen each other. 

Before the pandemic we would travel to each other every few months. Due to Kuwait’s COVID-19 rules they are only allowing travelers who are citizens or residents. 

Travel Noire: What is your favorite thing about each other?

Marcus: My favorite thing about Laura is the way she is fully committed to love. We live in a time when romances are fleeting, but she is a reminder that long term relationships can work, even from 10,166 kilometers away.

Laura: My favorite thing about Marcus is his energy. He is the type of man who commands respect in any room he walks in. I appreciate his consistency and transparency since day one.  He inspires me every day to be my best self. 

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