Live in the Moment: Sky Dive Dubai
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Live in the Moment: Sky Dive Dubai

Dubai , United Arab Emirates
Nate Chambers
Nate Chambers Oct 3, 2014

I received a phone call from my mother asking that notorious, and quite rhetorical question at 5AM, “Son, are you sleeping?” I simply replied, “No mom, I’m sky diving!”

Visualize free falling for 60 seconds at 130 MPH as your adrenaline increases, your heartbeat races, and your only visual is the luxurious man-made islands, The Palm Jumeirah. Pure awesomeness! Sky diving is one of the greatest ways to experience the beauty of Dubai. The sensations will leave you speechless; it’s all about controlled terror, something I’ve come to love and seek frequently.

So, you want to know what terminal velocity feels like? I’ll try my best to explain:

1. Arrive at the drop zone:

To avoid the crucial mid-day heat in Dubai, my designated jump time was scheduled for 5AM. I arrived as requested, filled out my paper work, and contemplated whether or not taking half a Xanax was a smart idea to cure my shaky hands and sweaty palms.


2. Get briefed:

Pay attention to what feels like a million and one instructions from your guide (my favorite, “bend like an inverted banana”) right before strapping into your safety harness.



3. Talk with God:

Yes, pray! Things just got real…


4. Jump, Dive, and Fly:

Life now begins at the end of your comfort zone.










5. Pat yourself on the back!

When was the last time you’ve done something for the first time?



Don’t be afraid to fall out the plane – Life is too short not to sky dive!

See you at the top – Cheers!

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