Senegalese soul food that warms the heart, doesn’t break the bank and brings people together is the best way to describe Little Baobab.

Little Baobab is an explosion of Senegalese taste and culture taking the streets of London.

Since 2015, the pop-up restaurant has carved out space in London’s already vibrant food-scene to offer the best of Senegal’s traditional meals in a healthy and affordable package, all to the beat of African musician’s live tunes in the background of the successful pop-up. 

The pop-up restaurant has four additional principles beyond serving delicious West African food: live music, events catering, music agency and an online store. The quintessentially African pop-up offers Londoners the chance to discover Senegalese food, with all the flavor and fun of Senegalese culture. Celebrating Senegalese food and culture, Little Baobab provides insight into the serene West African country’s finest cuisine. 

Courtesy: Little Baobab

Khadim Mbamba, the founder and Chef at Little Baobab, said that for him, sharing Senegalese cuisine is a way to connect to his roots.

On the website, he shares the genesis of Little Baobab: “In 2010, when I came here to the UK, I was alone. I didn’t want to spend my money on chicken and chips and all that junk food, instead I decided to learn how to cook. I’d call up my sisters and friends and ask them how to prepare traditional recipes and dishes.”

After noticing his knack for cheffing and that there was a lack of opportunity to experience Senegalese food in London, the pop-up was born, offering plentiful music and spice and receiving community support along the way. 

The additional flair of Little Baobab that keeps communities across London coming (eating away), is the love of live music. Having previously organized live music events while organizing pop-ups, Mbamba naturally brought this aspect to his own pop-up. The combination of authentic Senegalese food with live music has become signature to Little Baobab’s style. 

Speaking of signatures, the dishes most recognized and characterized by the restaurant are the Chicken Yassa, Mafe and Thieboudienne. Being the most popular dishes on the menu, they receive lots of positive feedback no matter where in London, Little Baobab turn up. 

Foodies seeking a sociable, wholesome and truly Senegalese dining experience can guarantee a good time wherever Little Baobab and the scent and sound of glorious Senegalese vibes are. Follow Little Baobab on Instagram to stay updated on the latest pop-ups.