Las Vegas Aims to Secure Direct Flights From Japan to Boost Tourism
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Westend61

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Westend61

Las Vegas Aims to Secure Direct Flights From Japan to Boost Tourism

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Aug 11, 2023

In a bid to elevate its status as a global tourism hotspot, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has set its sights on an ambitious endeavor – securing a direct flight from Japan to Southern Nevada’s Harry Reid International Airport.

Doubling The Travel Demand

At the helm of this ambitious initiative is LVCVA Chair Steve Hill, whose vision aligns with the city’s goals. Addressing a recent board meeting, Hill underscored the LVCVA’s desire to start a direct flight between Japan and Las Vegas. According to Hill, the introduction of nonstop flights from international destinations often triggers a doubling of travel demand.

The project takes on added significance considering the pace of casino development in Japan. With such projects progressing slowly, Las Vegas officials envision an opportunity to attract the country’s affluent gamers and tourists.

The Pandemic Foiled Original Plans

The path to realizing this goal has been somewhat difficult. Hill reminisced on how they were previously on the brink of announcing a direct flight to Tokyo. Unfortunately, the plan was halted as a result of the pandemic. However, hope remains positive as discussions with potential airlines are still ongoing.

Many airlines stand as possible partners in this venture. Among them, United, All Nippon Airways, and Japan Airlines emerge as potential contenders to introduce nonstop flights. The realization of this direct route could revolutionize travel patterns while also starting a newfound synergy between the two cities.

Harry Reid International Airport

The Harry Reid International Airport has already established its prominence by offering 161 direct routes through 25 airlines, marking an all-time high for this airport. This robust network has been pivotal in redefining travel experiences and streamlining journeys.

The relationship between tourism and gaming becomes evident when studying the revenue generated by baccarat. Baccarat is one of the casino games beloved among Asian high rollers. As the momentum of international travel continues to gain traction, Nevada’s casinos have reaped the rewards. Baccarat, too, witnessed a resurgence from COVID, signaling the rekindling of fortunes.

In its pursuit of excellence, Las Vegas stands poised at the threshold of transformation. Through the start of direct flights from Japan to Southern Nevada, the city aims to open doors to many experiences. As conversations with potential airline partners gain momentum and the world begins to recover from the pandemic’s grip, Las Vegas’ dream of becoming a global tourism epicenter inches closer to becoming a reality.

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