Inside Kylie Jenner's 72 Million Dollar Jet
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Yuri G

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Yuri G

Inside Kylie Jenner's 72 Million Dollar Jet

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Oct 24, 2022

Ever wonder how it feels to fly private like a Kardashian? Or frequently flying on a private jet as if it were an Uber ride for 10 city blocks? Recently, on The Kardashians, viewers got to see Kylie Jenner’s 72 million dollar private jet. In the latest episode, her sister Kendall borrowed the jet for a girl’s trip with Hailey Bieber and Justin Skye.

The plane:


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Inside the plane which was adorned with customized “KJ” logos. Her jet which is also called “Kylie Air” has multiple rooms. Starting with a master suite, an entertainment suite, two bathrooms, a gallery, and a rest area for the cabin crew.

All the perks:

However, it doesn’t stop there. Kylie Air comes with a full menu complete with a gluten-free Chicken Alfredo, an Asian chicken salad, and a Caprese salad. On the flight the crew also offers guests drinks like a strawberry margarita, some rosé, and even a vodka cranberry.


Although riding inside a Kylie Air of our own would be a dream come true for any of us, Jenner has been making a lot of enemies out of the residents near Van Nuys. She’s constantly criticized for taking three minute flights or 30 minute trips from Van Nuys. Residents believe she’s leaving a heavy carbon footprint with every use of her jet as well as all of her wealthy neighbors that fly private as well.

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