Meet Kiersten Harris: The Woman Behind This Rideshare App For Women
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Kiersten Harris

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Kiersten Harris

Meet Kiersten Harris: The Woman Behind This Rideshare App For Women

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jun 16, 2020

Atlanta native Kiersten Harris has always been the type of woman to implement a solution to any problem she sees. At just 22-years old she has helped create a brand new rideshare app, to help combat the issue of sexual assault against women.

HERide, is the new woman-led app that provides safe transportation for women in the Atlanta area.

“My co-founder and I wanted to build a brand that focused on consumer experience,” Kiersten Harris told Travel Noire. “As a victim of sexual assault, I knew that safety was high on the list of things that women worried about.”

Courtesy of Get Her Ride

After seeing the number of sexual assault cases that occur against women in rideshares, Kiersten knew that she wanted to introduce a solution that would protect both drivers and riders.

HERide sets itself apart from the major brands simply by the way it conducts its background checks.

“Most of the major companies run drivers through the same background check companies. But, people can easily create fake profiles and get approved anyway. We take up to 30-days, and singlehandedly check all applications that come in.”

Courtesy of Kiersten Harris

As of now, the app only supports women riders and drivers. But, there are plans in the work to open it up to some LGBTQI+ pronoun groups as well.

Kiersten and her team currently have a cap on the number of drivers they can hire. Not only do they personally vet all driver applications, but they are also self-funding this entire business until they can secure investors.

Once more funding is secured, the brand will expand its reach and territory. But Kiersten notes, that may take some time because rideshare rules in other cities can be very strict.

In addition to providing a safe rideshare experience for women, the brand is also working to educate more people on sex trafficking and sexual assaults in our country.

Courtesy of Get Her Ride

“We are partnering with community organizations to create educational resources,” Kiersten said. “With Atlanta being a hub for sex trafficking, it’s important that we have these tough conversations so that people know what’s happening.”

To learn more about HERode or to donate, you can visit the website You can also find out more via Instagram: @ getheride.

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