Jill Scott Says Plantation Getaways Are Like Having A 'Bed-and-Breakfast At Auschwitz'
Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton

Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton

Jill Scott Says Plantation Getaways Are Like Having A 'Bed-and-Breakfast At Auschwitz'

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jul 1, 2020

Award-winning artist Jill Scott was in disbelief during a recent tour at a former slave plantation that is being marketed as a getaway for a vacation.

In an Instagram post captioned “Pissed,” the singer reflected on the tour and how she felt uneasy going in the first place, due to the history.

“I was on location and they brought us to a plantation,” said Scott. “I didn’t know how I was going to feel when I saw it because I’ve actually never saw one before.”

In her video, Scott talked about her experience during the tour, and how the guides informed visitors about the decorations, how the home was used to play music, and host parties. Scott added that there was no mention of the enslaved people that were taken from their will and forced to work on the plantation in brutal conditions.

A plantation in St. James Parish, Louisiana | Photo by Ian Wagg on Unsplash

At one point during the tour, Scott said the guide pointed to pictures on the wall and stated, “Notice how no one really smiled back then.’ And I looked at those faces.”

That’s when Scott said she decided to get away from the tour to take a trip on her own.

“I don’t know what happened,” she said on Instagram “but somebody took a long, hot piss on that dining room carpet. I bet whoever it was, wishes they had more piss.”

Scott added: “They make these places into bread and breakfasts that people come from around the world to stay in,” Scott added. “They offered me the slave quarters to stay in […] I bet you wouldn’t be going to no bread and breakfast at Auschwitz,” referring to the largest known German Nazi concentration camps and extermination centers where more than 1.1 million men, women, and children lost their lives.

Listen to her full experience below:


Some Instagram users agreed with Scott.

“Whew! Queen, I felt all those emotions. Raw anger, frustration, hurt, sadness, grief, astonishment, baffled, and a high level of what in the entire f**k a bed and breakfast,” one fan commented.

But others pushed back on her statement eluding to urinating on the floor.

“Hear what you’re saying but it’s not that simple. My Dad bought a plantation house in the 70s for cheap and rebuilt and restored it with his bare hands. He’s dedicated his entire life to that house which is now an Air B&B. It’s his life’s work and the people who own these houses probably bought them and aren’t even the descendants of the original owners. Sometimes u have to do a little research before doing something as appalling as pissing on the rug,” a user commented.

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