John F. Kennedy International Airport will be introducing a new terminal in 2026, Terminal 6. The terminal will be used for flights by JetBlue Airways. After the completion of Terminal 6, JFK Airport is expected to open two more terminals to give customers the ultimate airport experience.

$4.2 Billion Project

This isn’t the first Terminal 6 for JFK Airport, as the original terminal was demolished in 2011. The new terminal is a $4.2 billion renovation that promises to make Terminal 6 the most beautiful terminal in the world. 

JetBlue CEO, Robin Hayes, attributes JetBlue’s success out of JFK to the Northeast Alliance. The Northeast Alliance is their business relationship with American Airlines. “Thanks to our Northeast Alliance with American Airlines, Jetblue’s presence in New York has never been greater and the new Terminal 6 project will only accelerate our growth in the years to come.”

Expect Terminal 6 to include check-in counters, lounges, shopping, and dining areas. It will have easy access to Terminal 5 and will serve as a hub for international flights. Although JetBlue has first dibs on the initial gates, the Terminal is expected to be shared with Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines.

The Future Of JFK

Gustavo Fring

JFK plans to enhance travelers’ experiences with the airport and the new terminal is just one of the many ways they have in store for years to come. Executives at JFK see the terminal as an opportunity to become one of the top airports across the globe. Executive director of Port Authority Rick Cotton stated, “The financial close on a new Terminal 6 allows us to move forward with the final piece of our plan to transform JFK International Airport into one of the world’s great global gateways. The $4.2 billion private investment in Terminal 6 by JFK Millennium Partners is a vote of confidence in our vision for a new JFK and in the future of our region.”