New York-based Jetblue Airways introduced a “Blue Basic Ticket” a few years ago, to compete with other airlines’ basic economy ares. The option was a big hit among travelers, however, the airline recently announced new changes to the fare and fees that come along with purchasing the cheaper economy tickets.

Effective July 20, Blue Basic will no longer include a free carry-on. Passengers will have the options to pay extra to check their bag, book the next highest fare, or buy an “even more space” seat to bring a carry-on. Passengers will still be allowed one personal item, such as a purse or backpack, but it must be able to fit under the seat.

Travelers who have already booked tickets will be allowed to honor the current guidelines. However, travelers who book a flight with JetBlue after Feb. 25 will have to comply with the new guidelines.

JetBlue joins New Jersey based airline United, as the only two airlines to have carry-on restrictions under their basic economy fares.

JetBlue also announced a new policy that will pay non- blue basic passengers a travel credit of $25, if their carry-on can’t be placed in overhead bins due to overcrowding. The credit is valid for up to one year after issuance.

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