Is your billionaire boyfriend sending you into space with your girl’s #couplegoals? Well for Lauren Sanchez it’s a dream come true. 

Space Bae

In a recent interview, Jeff Bezos’ bae mentioned she will be planning a trip to space next year. No stranger to the skies, Lauren Sanchez is a licensed helicopter pilot and owns an aerial film production firm. She didn’t say who would be joining her on the trip, however, she did say, “It’ll be a great group of females.”

Celebs In Space

Photo Credit: Blue Origin

Since Blue Origin’s first voyage with Bezos, his exploration firm has been making civilian trips regularly. Slowly making space travel more accessible to the rest of us. Some of the famous names that have already taken flight are ex-football star and media personality Michael Strahan and ‘Star Trek’ captain William Shatner.


In the same interview with Ms. Sanchez, Bezos revealed he would donate some of his fortunes to charity. Last month when he spoke at the Vatican he stated that he pictures “a long-term-goal to free the planet Earth from all polluting industries.”